Members Surveys Results and Answers

Thank you to the members who took part in the survey.   As so many of you added comments, I think it would be fair to answer them here so everyone can share in the direction we can take the websites.

  1.  The majority of the answers came from ShemaleYum, Shemale.XXX and BlackTgirls
  2.  People mainly joined the site for the ‘type of’ or ‘quality of’ the content (77%) and 21%   were repeat members.
  3.  45% of people were members of 1 or more Grooby sites.
  4.  25% of people were members for less than one month, 23% for 1-3 months and 3-12 months and 30% members for 12+ months
  5. 36% of people had not been members of other trans sites.
  6. 51% of people thought Grooby sites were better than other trans sites, 43% thought they were about the same and 5% thought they were worse.
  7. People liked a wide selection of porn from gay, lesbian, asian, anal, bdsm – when asked for ‘other’ answers there was a very wide selection.
  8. When asked what fetish or sub-niche they’d want us to do more of, 16% answered more feet, 37% more dildo/assplay/gape, 37% more lingerie 32% more BBW.  Other answers included: post-op, bareback, inter-racial, less BBW, older models, girls topping, interviews, POV, better locations, bottom girls, cross-dressers, 3-somes, creampies, rought sex, lactation, outdoor scenes, face sitting, more hardcore, ….
  9. Do you join for a favorite model?  45% said yes.
  10.  39% of people would like more updates but only 7% would want to pay more for them.  54% think they’re about right.
  11.  The site could be improved by more updates – 42%, more hardcore 56%
  12.  25% would like to have 4k video as part of their membership and a further 43% interested in trying it.
  13. 45% of people would like us to do 2560 resolution. 28% don’t look at the images.
  14. 40% of people comment sometimes and 45% of people not at all.
  15. 63% of people rate the models sometimes.  25% never do.
  16. 11% were aged 18-24, 37% 25-39, 41% 40-59 and 11% over 60.
  17. 95% of answers were from males.
  18. 68.5% of answers were from the USA with Northern Europe being a further 20%

Some answers to above!

  • We will be beginning 4k videos and 2560 photos with immediate affect.
  • We will be looking at all the requests for improvement and favorite models.  Some things are just not possible and if you see how wide the requests are (more BBW/less BBW, more topping/more bottoming) you’ll see why we have a problem.

And some answers to individuals – thank you all for commenting, and if I haven’t answered you personally below, it’s because it’s been answered in another point.  I don’t want to appear dismissive of anyone, so if I’ve answered that we’re unable to make those changes, your feedback still has been taken into account and may help us make decisions in the future.

“The older videos and photo sets are of such poor quality and yet their content (the models!!!!!!!) are so good. Please redo, combine all those little .avi files into one, make the quality better, etc.”

The problem is, that these are often the only copies of this content we have.  Redoing them into mp4’s isn’t going to increase the quality.  Where we can go back and redo the videos isn’t always cost-effective either,  the $1000’s of editing time it would cost to do this, isn’t likely to pay us back.   We’ve been around a long time and those are just part of our history.  I will look into seeing if there are any cheap outsourced alternatives but don’t hold your breath.

“Maybe a clear schedule of what’s coming.”

We often don’t know more than a couple of weeks ourselves.

“more locations more outside”

It’s a time vs return thing.   It’s difficult shooting outside and finding somewhere safe.  I like the look but the costs run up the scene so unless it’s easy, safe and accessible we don’t get much of this.

“Separate the foot fetish content from the normal. Not everyone, especially me, likes to see closeups of feet.”

Replace ‘feet’ with ‘ass’, ‘gape’, ‘cock’, ‘top’, ‘bottom’, ‘hairy’, ‘false boobs’ etc.  It’s easier for us to try and make scenes with a little for everyone.  Just skip over or delete what isn’t your cup of tea.  I don’t think adding some feet shots, detracts from a shoot any more than cock, lips, ass, nipples, close-ups.

“More Download speed. Higher resolution/fps.”  “Improve the streaming, bandwith and tagging of the scenes.”  “I preferred the old format, where members could add their own tags and search for those tags.”

We’ve increased our download speed across almost every site in the past 12 months (only Bobs, Franks, Brazilian and ShemalesFromHell to be completed in coming months) and I don’t think we can get any faster at a manageable price.   We’re moving into higher quality video immediately for those who download the video (not streaming).

Tagging is coming in our next roll-out, in the New Year.

“in my opinion you guys are doing a great job and have been for years.”

Thank you – we strive to improve constantly.

“really just keep doing what youre doing, but i’d love more videos with interracial hardcore and solo assplay”

Interracial would be black guys on white girls – or white guys on black girls?  What dynamic?  Who is fucking who?  Anyone please answer in the comments!  More assplay has featured high in this survey – it’s coming.

“Skinny thin petite ladyboys”

I actually thought most of the ladyboys were skinny and petite – will take a look.

“Doing a few more updates with more hardcore scenes would make me happier.” (Tgirls.Porn)

Right now Tgirls.Porn is just about paying it’s bills.  With 1x hardcore a week featuring two trans models, it’s one of our most expensive to produce.  The girls agree to shoot a little cheaper on this site but in model feels along we’re looking at almost $6000 a month before producer, editor, server, webmaster, affiliates etc.  If you like this content we need your support – if we can increase the sales, we can increase the content.

“a few more bonus sets from other sites”

We give a free set a week away from one of our other sites and then often a set from a non-Grooby site.  That’s pretty good for free, we couldn’t increase this and keep the integrity of the sites.

“Better offers/discounts” “Lower the price” “Monthly Specials to other sites for a short time” “Cheaper or a daily rate. Say £5 for 24hrs. Without forced renewal.”

We’ve experimented with discounts and frankly most of them aren’t working for us, discounts are set up to get people into the sites and hopefully to stay there.   We pay an affiliate 50% of the sale, so when someone comes from a discounted review site and pays $17.95 instead of $36, by the time the billing charges are taken we’re left with about $7.50 of that sale and when the customer doesn’t rebill the following month, then that $7.50 doesn’t go far on our budgets.  We’re pulling many discounts off our sites in the coming weeks.

Grooby websites work with very fine margins.  Much smaller than you may find in non-niche websites.  We need to make a profit to survive but many of our sites just about break even.  The majority of our budgets go back into production.   The sites are costed at what we need to make to be able to shoot that amount of content on a weekly basis.  If a membership rises, then we often spend on more content.  Femout.XXX started at 3x sets a week, it’s now up to 5 a week as the membership rose.

If we lower memberships, we risk losing the budgets to shoot.  Less shoots = less members and thus, a site will be come un-operable.

We offer fabulous discounts to those prepared to commit longer term to a website – or buying our tickets (

Shoot the videos like the photos. Where you show the girls standing naked and posing erect. Too many videos show the girls slouched in a bed from worms eye view. 2. A monthly or quarterly vote to either choose the next model or choose next video setting whether shower, bedroom, bondage etc. Put the vote on social media to drive traffic to the site(s). 3. More lifestyle of the girls. A reality video of them doing something. Its been done like 7 or 8 years ago (behind the scenes or interview sessions) but maybe a new version of that can emerge.

Great feedback.  The landscape format of a video always makes the standing a little problematic but we will try and get more.     We’ll look at doing the vote also but probably keep it to members (social media traffic shouldn’t decide on what the paying members get).   We always try to push for more behind the scenes but it’s hard to shoot on a short set time – there is also a load of this on social media from the models now.  We’ll look at what we can do there.  Buddy has a new series coming which will have some of that.

“if I were running Grooby, I would establish a house style for cosmetics that the models wear. Also, I wouldn’t allow inexperienced models to apply their own makeup. they tend to over-do it. I would hire someone to do the cosmetics for grooby girls or train existing staff to assist models with cosmetics. here are two examples from recent photo shoots. Last week, Kimbella Capri made her debut. She’s attractive but she wore a lot of silver eye shadow. its too much and it hurt the end product. Menah Gotti debuted in May/June. her makeup was excellent, it really highlighted her features. the photos turned out great. I’m pretty sure her makeup was done by her friend, a Kansas drag Queen. having someone else apply makeup to the models will help them relax and it will bring the consistency of the photo shoots up.”

I’d hate to have a ‘house style’ – honestly, I couldn’t think of anything more boring and I think our strength is presenting different styles, looks and that includes makeup.  Some of the producers (Blackula, Terry in Japan, etc.) use makeup – others don’t – but out style has always been to let the girls feel comfortable and present themselves as they wish, if that means having their friend do it – or doing it themselves, then that is something I’m comfortable with on the majority of our sets.  If we’re doing something higher end, or specific then we do have makeup artists come in – but not looking to create a ‘grooby look’.  Thanks.

“Try to have the actresses really be into each other. Like they really want to be fucking the other person. Hard cocks on both or all actresses the whole time until they both cum”

Nice in principle.  Impossible in practice.  They either have chemistry or they don’t.  They’re either super horny for each other – or they are not.  We don’t find out until the shoot.

“More Hardcore content”, “Mostly Hardcore” etc.

It’s dictated by the budget often.  Hardcore content is expensive.  We have aggregate sites like Shemale.Porn for those who just want hardcore material and are prepared to see if when a few months old.  Are sites like Black-Shemale-Hardcore which stand alone as 100% hardcore or as a discounted upgrade from Black-Tgirls.   We can’t add more hardcore without taking away a substantial amount of solos which is something I’m not prepared to do.

“put a variety of different girls.. new girls that are hungry to work. You look on backpage just in NYC only theres thousandsssssssssss of girls looking to be recruited and looking for that check. i would lovee to see new girls added daily from backpage etc.”

Update a new girl daily – and where do we put reshoots of the most popular models?  I don’t think there is another site like ShemaleYum which puts up 140 different models a year.  It’s always going to be a balance between new models and returning models who are sought after.

“Love the 18-year-old first time models. Of course big dicks are always great to see. Big cumshots too. Love the contact info for the models. Please keep contact info updated as much as is possible.”       “I would continue to find new models. Big cock models are also hard to come by and a fetish I particularly enjoy. So if there was a way to include more of that specific content that would be great.”

We don’t really know what we’re getting in terms of penis size or cumshots until the shoot – so it’s hard to do more of that.  Contact info has always been a problem with the girls moving, losing phones, etc. so much – you are better to have them on social media.

“Some models don’t act very excited when they cum. Hate it when the camera pans away for a few seconds so the camera man or woman can squirt on fake cum. It looks fake too.”

Some models aren’t excited when they cum.  Some have been jacking for an hour just to get themselves to cum. Hormones, or too much sex the night before, or nervous in front of a camera, will do that.   If a producer fakes a shoot and we spot it, they get warned.  Very few shoots of ours have appeared like this and we’ve released producers who’ve done this.

“updates once a least 4 including a possible hardcore…models from the past 4 years or more.even retired models…upkeep of current information,like tour dates”

Erm, we update 6 times a week (with a hardcore every second week).  And we’ve brought back many models from the past.  We can’t keep up on tour dates, etc.  The models have the access to the forums, they’re not even prepared to do that themselves, so we couldn’t keep up.  Thanks!

“update the Coming Soon section more often”

Sometimes we have the content only days or a week or so before it goes live, so we only update it when appropriate.

“I’d just start a black lesbian site if possible.” “more girl on girl” (black-tgirls)

Our research doesn’t show this as a good option for making a return enough to cover the budgets.  We might try a couple of scenes but at almost twice the price of a regular hardcore, it’s hard to justify.

“I would try to advertise directly to transgender women on trans-dating websites, social media, and classifieds. Let them know of the opportunity. I’ve met or seen dozens of tgirls in public in the last couple years but I dont think they are escorts. I never see CL or BP listings for them. I have lived in Kansas for 40 years. I never saw Tgirls or X-dressers in public until 2014. Now I spot Tgirls in public regularly. I see them in Manhattan Ks, Wichita, Topeka, and KC. So… I think there is plenty of talent that hasn’t been discovered yet. I would try to get new Tgirls to discover Grooby instead of Grooby employees discovering new Tgirls.”

I get 20-30 applications a week.  Shortness of models is not a problem.  We’ve branded enough that any model who sincerely wants to try adult modeling, comes to us first.  Very few of our photographers need to go tracking down new models unlike 10+ yrs ago.

“Delete content older than 10 years”

Delete our history and heritage?  We’ve members who have been with us throughout our full 20 yrs, they enjoy going back to those girls and new members get to discover more.  It’s never going to happen.

“Adding more attractive models & performing more hardcore fucking scenes with every model should cum at the end of the scene.”

Attractive is subjective – we add models whom we think will have fans on the website.  Each set cannot have a cum shot (or it could but we’d have to reduce our sets/updates down by 50%).

“Mature , Plus size and BDSM . More of each .”  “more bids featuring men dominated by TS domme and Men dominating TSsubx . love “forced” sex.”   “more post-ops”

We’re always looking for different ages, shapes and sizes – they just have to look great.   BDSM isn’t really our avenue.   I think Kink pretty much rules at doing that.

“I would like to see a favorite model system not only favorite set.”

???  Already in place, just select on the models page ‘top rated’

“i really like how ts seduction makes there videos like little movies. definetly like more sex scenes than masturbation. ive noticed that the girls on evils trans sites are much hotter than your models.”

We have stories/scenes on our DVD releases which end up back on the sites at some points but it’s a different business model.  They shoot one expensive scene a week, with full story and cater to a different audience.   We don’t have the set-up for that (and often don’t want to) but prefer more with the reality.  Same as your comment on Evil Angel.  They’re exactly the same girls, they see them on our site and then hire them.  For many of our members, they’re over-made up, over-lit and over-produced.  That’s fine for their style, ours has always been a bit more realistic.

“better customer service both from membership changes and tech support”

Seriously?  Our customer service is the best I’ve experienced on any adult website – and better than most non-adult.  We work it ourselves (I even step in on it) and we ensure every member is taken care of personally.  We’ve had amazing feedback on it.  I’d be extremely interested in hearing what your problem was and you can contact me direct at

“I’d merge shemale-japan and shemale-japan hardcore, seems like kind of a ripoff to not have both in the same membership”

We could do that but we’d have to charge over $50 per membership, which I think would reduce memberships and thus cause the sites to spiral down.  SMJHardcore was an ‘add-on’ site to ShemaleJapan.  ShemaleJapan shows a brand new hardcore every two weeks and solo sets every week.   Some people wanted more hardcore, we don’t have the budget to put it into ShemaleJapan,  so we created an add-on.  Those who were members of Shemale Japan can pay an upsell ($15) to get access to two more exclusive hardcore sets a month.   Those that didn’t want solos  could choose to pay $36 to get the hardcores from ShemaleJapan and ShemaleJapanHardcore only.

It’s always amusing to hear the accusation of a ‘rip-off’ on something they weren’t forced to buy.  It’s giving people a wider choice.  If the hardcore on Shemale-Japan isn’t enough for you, then be prepared to contribute more to the further productions – or don’t.

“I would do more to show what happens in the TV subulture in the countries where your models live. Less porn, more real life.”  live model interviews separate from the porn. ie: lifestyle content. you guys do a great thing in terms of normalizing TS culture. Keep up the good work and leadership in this area.

We may have future outlets for that but we’re an adult company – and we produce porn than we are paid for.

“Add a new site with just women from Columbia and other South America countries expect Brazil since they already have a site.”

This is something we have been considering over the past 12 months and will make a decision on soon.

“You should have a reasonably priced option that allows a person to access all sites for one price with an annual membership. I don’t join some sites because they show so many scenes from other sites anyway. I would also use smaller site name logos on the screen. Sometimes they are so large or garish that they reduce my enjoyment of the scene”

None of our sites apart from the aggregate sites Shemale.Porn and show content from other sites, apart from the free weekly bonus update.   To join all of our other sites at full price for a year would be about $460 a month = $5460 a year.   Anyone willing to pay $1800 (66% discount) can have full unlimited access to all our sites.  A free calendar and I’ll event throw in some DVD’s.   I think that’s VERY reasonably priced.  Email

Logos – we try to keep them small but it’s a necessity that given the share culture and piracy that they need to be there.

“Stop duplicating videos across Grooby sites”

With the exception of the discounted aggregate sites which show a limited number of scenes months after they were released and the free bonus sets, we don’t.  You are incorrect.  Each site features exclusive updates and content.

“I might add a section for crossdressers. Like pre transition.”

Cross-dressers and pre-transition are two different things but take a look at Femout.XXX for our earlier transitioning models.

“Make it easier to join via Paypal”

I wasn’t aware it wasn’t easy,  email us at if you need help – thanks.

“Have the videographer try different shots or ideas. Buddy gets the best women but his videos are often very repetitive. Always the same poses.”

This is always going to be a problem when the same producer is shooting 100’s of scenes over the years.  They each have their own style and fave poses.  This is why we work with different producers to bring a balanced look to the sites.

“The content is great. Best on the web. it’s site performance and security that i have issue with.”

Please email me with your concerns.   Our performance should be excellent and we’ve never experienced a security issue.

“More discounts for repeat customers”

We are working on a loyalty scheme already – it’s complicated but hope we can release it early 2017.

“Frank is doing a great job with the updates. Would love to see Frank travel to different parts of Asia to do model shoots. Perhaps set him up with contact points in different parts of Asia so all he has to do is shoot models while the contact points help to find venue and models. Heh, just a suggestion.”

Frank has had the option to be able to choose to do this for 12+ years – but he seems to like Bangkok and Brazil too much.

“I’d make it easier to download photo sets. In the old days I could download and an appropriately named folder would appear (Ex: jaquelinewoods_set9209). Now I only get a folder named “photos” or “1440”. So when I download multiple photo sets, I have to go and manually rename them. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s annoying.”

I agree that is annoying and it’s something to do with the CMS we use.  I will put it on a list to be looked at to see if anything can be done.

“ShemaleYum would be free and the girls would come to my house for coffee.”

As soon as you buy me the winning lottery ticket, this will be my new law.

“Let me know when my membership is about to expire. Give me details of the length of my membership.”

If you go to to the cancel area of the customer service links (at the bottom of all our pages) you will be able to access your account and look at your membership details and dates.  Let us know if you need help with this.

“I also belong to Brazilian Transsexuals and I am seriously disappointed in how Louie Damzio shoots videos. It makes me feel sea sick, as if he’s shooting an action scene in a film with all of the rapid shifts in angle and framing, zooming in and out travelling up and down the body – ugh! Please stop. Slow steady shots are best, close ups but not rapid changes – after many years, I will not renew my subscription to this site because of this poor video shooting and a failure to take on board repeated requests for him to change his style”

I’ll address this with him.  I thought he’d only tried it on a few shoots.

More than just 4 pages of pics! And more pics of hard on’s while they sit there WITHOUT their hands on their cocks. And more feet pics.

4 pages is over 100 images, how many do you need?  We strive to get the hands free pics – but sometimes they just don’t stand up without some support.

Keep updates regular on all sites. Offer some free sets so that people can check out resolution, quality and content types before subscribing. Allow users to suggest/request sets. Specify for each website what type of content is acceptable/not acceptable. I prefer models that have shaved their pubes, legs arms etc. I would be more likely to subscribe to such a site than a site wich contained hairy and bearded guys. Offer affordable subscriptions for the entire network (all sites) perhaps lifetime subscriptions. I am unemployed so I’m living on a low income and cannot afford to pay membership month after month. Also I have noticed some models have disappeared from some sites, perhaps they have become a fallen angel? I would go by the motto what goes up, stays up. Some video sets can’t be downloaded in all resolutions, I would fix that.When I introduce 1080p resoultion videos I would look into offering old videos in that resolution as well if possible. The multisite idea is a good one, there should be one for the solo Girls as well. The sites that has been taken down should be put up again could become and join When launching a new site i would publish one new set a day for the first 3-4 weeks and then switch to the regular Schedule.

Wow – that’s some feedback – thanks.  Will answer point by point.

  • updates are extremely regular, our sites never miss an update guaranteed.  I can’t speak for the solo model sites as they run them.
  • We offer Grooby for free.  We have huge amounts of free content in the tour.  I think if someone can’t make an educated decision by then, they’re likely not going to buy.
  • We do specify model ‘types’ for each site.   That’s why we have so many brands broken down by ethnicity, types of models and type of action.   I wouldn’t have a site that is exclusively shaved, it’s not worth doing for such a narrow sub-niche and when a member can search for shaved within the search area.
  • I sympathize with your position – but we price at what we can afford to produce at, we can’t lower the price depending on other peoples income levels, the sites would just become unsustainable.  For longer term members, we do offer deals – the ticket system is by far the best for this but to offer all sites for one price, it would be in the hundreds of dollars per month (or $1800 for entire year I quoted earlier).  We all have to make choices on what we purchase – and how we price what we sell, within our own budgets.
  • They may have passed but unless I have proper information, then we wouldn’t publish anything as hearsay.   Many girls just drop out of the sites and get on with their lives.
  • Videos – see above.  It’s impossible.  You can’t upgrade content shot on old cameras to 1080p – it’s not possible,
  • Solo girls work for themselves,  putting as a multi-site wouldn’t be fair to some of them.
  • You’d have to ask Amy Daly – that is her site and content.
  • One new set a day would be 30 sets (say they are solos so 15 shoots) at about which is about $20,000 of content that goes straight up.  That means we would have to make on average non-affiliate 800-1000 sales (so more like 1200-1400 sales)  just to break even on the launch content not including the monthly updates.  Many sites never get more than 1000 members.  That would be the fastest way to kill a site before it begins.

give multi sites to multi returning members. If I sign up for shemale yum give me a for free — however the member has returned several times. Ive been subscribing to Grooby sites since 1996 (20 years) nothing ever provided for being a 20 year continued member.

We working on a proper loyalty system but check your email – I’ve just sent you access for 12 x 1 month tickets to be used anytime – and I’d love to get you a calendar out.  Thank you for your ongoing support!

Easier access to my account settings like billing info and password. Also while the websites interface looks pretty it’s actually really limited. There’s no categories, or sorting based on release date. The only categories I’ve seen are models, most popular models, and hardcore sets. For example it’d be really nice if I could filter out solo scenes in my search.

See above answer for account settings.

I don’t know if you are aware but on the models page there is a link ‘Click Here For Hardcore Sets’ effectively filtering out solo scenes.    Also on the search page, you can add as many categories as you want in body size,  model type, shoot type, etc.

“include hardcore in”

There will be a survey on Femout.XXX this week – please put this comment there and we’ll see what other members think.

“Make the pricing transparent. The site says €17,95 to join. Then my creditcard is declined. I join via another processer and it’s €28,95. Big difference for the same content.”

We try to keep it as much as possible but with different ways to bill in different countries, and with different processors taking different amounts we only have so much control over this before we then start to lose money.  If you want a direct link to our USD price please email

“I would feature models from various parts of Asia, not just restricted to Thailand and perhaps more models from the Philippines. Would love to see models from other places like Indonesia or Malaysia, Vietnam. Find photographers who are interested in these areas to do shoots. Also make sure the model gets an Erection during the photos and video sets. Lately on Ladyboy-Ladyboy there have been sets where they don’t get aroused at all, seems like they weren’t interested to do the shoot. Or the photographer just took pictures of the model without an erection. Doesn’t really seem like a porn site when the models don’t get aroused ;)”

We’ve started adding a Filipino a week and soon will be doing completely.  There are problems with other countries with legalities.  Both Malaysia and Indonesia have stricter laws on shooting porn and on transsexuals given they are both Muslim countries.  We used to get content there but it’s proved harder to find quality producers.  China has other legal issues as does Korea.    We’re fortunate to be able to get Japanese and Thai – I’ve love to see more from other places also.

We don’t always have control over someone getting hard.  Models who come and don’t perform well don’t get invited back.

Some sort of mega pass to all grooby sites I’d be willing to pay the price of 2 or 3 sites to access all of them. More original content (shemale porn and shemalepornstar are just using old videos). And except for the sites for asian/brazillians, more American/Canada?EU (english speaking) girls.

See previous answers on price.  All our content is original – as stated earlier the sites you mention are both aggregated and discounted sites for that amount of hardcore only content.  More American/Canada/EU?  Have you been a member of ShemaleYum or Black-Tgirls  which are 95% or more all English speaking?  Shemale.XXX is 90%!! is 100%, Femout is 80%.  I don’t know how much more we could do?

“Make content searchable by photographer. I only view the sets by Omar and Radius, I know the other photographers don’t cater to members with foot-fetishes.”

This is on our priority to do when we work on redoing the CMS in early 2017.

“Either more big dick models or more updates from big dick models. I realize that’s my fetish and you have other customers who may find that content a turn-off, so I understand other content as well. It always makes my day when I check a site on update day and there’s a set from a big dick model.”

It’s a fetish you share with many others and I don’t meant to be obtuse, but apart from inviting existing models back, we really just don’t know.  We wouldn’t be the site or company we are if we insisted on cock size before we shot someone, we look for good looking models of all types, and whatever they pull from their panties will please some and not others.

“You guys do a great job. As I said earlier offering a live show for members once a month would be a nice thing to try. Maybe one more set a week would be good too. It is a great site already”

Thanks.  As we don’t run any cam companies or even have a permanent studio we can’t offer live shows.  There are just too many variables with issues with that also.   We’re showing the most we can under the current budget, if that can change we can increase.

“I think this site and should be grouped together. I like the models but the hardcore is on tgirls and I am starting to not be able to afford multiple sites (I left this in the support site)”

Tgirls.Porn and Femout.XXX are intended to be very different sites.  There may be some girls cross-over but many won’t.  We couldn’t operate them as one site with one costs, it’s just not doable.

“More photographer POV hardcore” “MOre solo POV dominant shemales with BIG cocks.”  “No hands on the models!” “In scenes of girls the camera personnel would not be allow to touch the models at any time. If it is to HC then use a male model with the T girls.”

Ah that old chestnut.  Every time we’ve tested on this roughly 1/3 of our members really want more POV, 1/3 want none and 1/3 don’t care.  I think less than 1/3 of our content is POV right now.

“Stop putting the exact same two or three canned descriptions with minor modifications on every model. You guys used to actually say a little something about the model.”

If there is something interesting to say we do.  A lot of the time there simply isn’t.  I’ll remind the photographer to get more.

“Expand the comments section to allow for replies and ratings. Perhaps have people working on the site respond to members as well, taking suggestions.”

Comments section is really for positive comments about the models.  We have the forum for better feedback which we can respond to properly.

“I want to respect the ladies. For me to say that I do not find the lady attractive by giving a low rating does not sit well with me. It is just my taste, and I never want my taste in women to reflect in their rating.”

I love your point – but the fact is we need ratings to find out who or what type of model we should bring back.  So if you don’t want to downvote anyone, please make sure you upvote the ones you do like.

“This survey and all information on this site is in english, I have noticed on some films that a particular model is being interviewed by Hiro, As I do not spreak Japanese (sadly) it can be a bit boring perhaps sub titles could be used.Also can you tell Terry he has got the best job in the world,”

We are working on this for 2017

Restore missing older models from previous years.”

If they are missing it’s either that they requested their content removing and we agreed to it, they are deceased or there was some other issue.  All other content is there.

“more shemale on shemale hardcore..less shemale/male hardcore” has that!

“Add an actual streaming instead of being forced to load the entire movie to scroll to the end of it. It’s 2016 folks… Also please be more consistent with the tags and search functionality. You have treasures to show and it’s almost impossible to find them sometimes.”

The streaming will be fixed in 2017.  Tags cloud for users will be added.  I think the search function works pretty well.

“Some of the models on Femout don’t seem to really prepare for the vids. Stubble, pimply butts, no makeup, no heels, no real prep. Just a “I’m here and I’m good looking, and that is all I need.”””

That’s kind of the point.  They’re first timers, early in transition and many aren’t on or just starting hormones.  This is there first shoots and they develop from here.  Perhaps will be closer to what you are looking for?

“Used to be able to favorite a model(in the old setup) rather than scenes etc now. Would like to be able to Favorite a model again.”

Agreed that was a better feature and we were disappointed when this CMS was unable to do this and we’ve yet to find a work around.

“As long as the shoots are exciting, no need to have more. But when you start to make more videos, then the cameraman will start to create less quality. The thing I complain about is that the photos have better poses than the movie. Sometimes the movie is just the girl lying down and masturbating. I ONLY watch the movie. The photos are just a preview. Lately Terry is paying a lot more attention to the movie and I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Thanks Terry. Here are a few observations– 1. The camera view is mostly putting the face or boobs in the center of the shot. Leaving a lot of empty space above, empty ceiling. Cutting off the sexy legs and heels. Heels and legs are the only thing that turns me on. NOT BOOBS or ASS holes. Get some legs in there. Not spread apart but together and facing the camera. 2. If lying down and spreading legs were the best poses, then the girls would be doing it in the strip clubs on stage. We cannot see their female figures and shape. We get turned on by looking at standing poses as it is on stage. We can see her figure, her legs and how heels make her look sexy. I am one who cannot understand why some guy think bare feet is sexy. Explain the one to me. 3. It’s kinda boring to watch a girl suck a guy’s dick. I guess some guys like to see domination over women. I don’t. I like to see her dick getting sucked. She is the sex object, not the guy. If I wanted to see a guy getting sucked I would look for a gay site. I want to see the girl get sucked… Thank you for letting me vent. If things were like I preferred I would be wasting a lot more time and money on these sites. :-)”

You are welcome!  While I respect your feedback, many of these are unique to you and if we tailored a site to have ‘heels and legs only … not boobs or assholes’ then I think we’d have a business failing very rapidly.

“COULD be improved… being a perfectionist, everything could be improved. I love Grooby sites because I feel like I get my money’s worth. Though I do remember when a monthly membership was $19.99 and I miss those days.”

I remember when it was $10 for 3 months access.  I miss those days also, a site would be in profit in less than 6 weeks.  It now takes 15-36 months.

“Grooby Websites have a tendency to have pictures that “appear” to have been airbrushed or whatever one does these days. Frank’s Tgirls is the worse. The lighting is awful and the women just do not look natural. I really just want to see women in their most natural states. It is just my opinion but I have seen others express the same sentiment on other sites.”

We actually retouch very little – I’ll do a look over all the sites and see what we can do but it’s one of those things that some people love a style and others don’t.

“more bonus hard core gay contents”

Erm, yeah … no.

Thank you everyone – if you feel your question or feedback wasn’t answered, please leave it in the comments or email me direct.

30 random people who give their emails will be getting sent tickets for passes to our sites.




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  1. Emilio says:

    I think you could improve the sets and video taking more pictures of full body girls and standing, showing all sides. Not only in bed. has a photographer that makes a lot of pictures of full body and are amazing. More lingerie, as told in the survey and i would suggest the use of casual clothes too. It’s very good to see a sexy tgirl looking sexy in everyday clothing.

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