Model/Performers – Returning to Work

I truly hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected during this time.

As we look at returning to production, I wanted to reach out to let everyone know how we expect that to happen and to help manage your expectations of how this will take place. I’m hearing a lot of performers believing that there is going to be a rush to shoot a lot of content when the lockdowns and shooting holds are lifted and I need to dispel that.

Most companies have had to keep their members happy during this time, while managing decreased budgets, so resorted to different content to replace shoots. DVD distributors have not been working, which means there may be a backlog of DVD’s waiting to be released. After the lockdown is lifted and production can restart, these companies aren’t going to be catching up on the last few months when they couldn’t shoot, or producing any more than they would need to complete what is needed for their distribution or website schedules. In fact, given the potential issues with the economy, companies may decide to work on a reduced production until they can measure and account for the budgets. When Grooby can restart production we’re only going to need content as usual, we’re not going to be shooting any extra or catch up sets. Those models expecting there to be a lot of work, need to be prepared that this may not materialise.

I write these industry and model posts, to inform and disclose so everyone can have full transparency and hopefully not to have to disappoint our models. We appreciate you all and understand your concerns and need to work, which is why we’ll do our best – but please understand why we can’t fit everyone in as fast as we’d like.

As countries and areas relax their rules, we will start shooting on a case-by-case basis when and if we can do it safely. Although the majority of our producers are freelance, they all have to follow basic rules and safety protocols to work with us – and it will be up to each of them to decide when they are ready to safely work.

We have to prioritise what is right for our websites and our members by working with performers who are the right ones for the slots and productions that need filling. We’re going to want to bring new models through, and models who haven’t been seen for a while, or done less work recently – or those that the members are specifically asking for more of. This can change on a week-to-week basis.

I’d advise all performers to do what they can to get their content on all platforms, promote affiliate links (, and if you can to keep some income saved back as there may be even leaner times ahead, if the economic predictions are correct. While many who are stuck at home may be willing to spend now, this could easily dry up rapidly in the coming weeks and months.

If there are new/unseen models who’ve yet to work for us, now is the time to apply at :

Self-Producers and models at home we’re good on content right now thanks EXCEPT for hardcore content. If you’ve worked on Femout (or want to) and haven’t self-produced a scene yet, and you can do a boy/girl or girl/girl then please get in touch with ASAP.

We’ve paid our about $25,000 to models producing for us at home over the past weeks, and we may be looking for more in the coming weeks. Thank you to all who’ve worked with us on that – the content has went down very well and we may incorporate more of that into our future strategies.

This notes are just my opinions, based on my experience in content production and running websites over the past 24 years, and things may change.

Please stay safe and please stay positive. The industry will survive this as it’s survived other economic downturns over the years, but you must be prepared for the potential impact it may have on your ability to shoot and make income.

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