Models: Usage of our Content on Fans or Clip Sites – MUST READ

It’s came to our attention that some models are using content belonging to us to resell on their clips or fans sites. We’re giving all models a 3 day amnesty to remove that content or we’ll have to look at what options are available to us.

As you are aware, when you do a professional shoot and are paid the full rate, and signed a model release, the rights to that content belongs to the production company.

You can obtain a copy of our release here.

We believe there is room for website production and model self-production to exist together and support each other, and many girls we work with do just that by using their brand on their websites to help build fan bases for their self-production. We also provide the ability for models to promote our content and make 50% of any sales (for the life of the membership) and we’ve models making great money doing that – you can find out more at

When we shoot content we pay you an agreed upon rate. We pay the producer. We then have other operating expenses before we even get the content up – and if the content is good, we expect to make a small profit on each scene which allows us to shoot new scenes. When you steal our content, and our potential member, then you’re undermining how we can operate and it is copyright theft which we take extremely seriously.

Any photographic or video content that belongs to Grooby and which you do not have the express permission to publish or show, on any clip or fan site, must be removed by Friday 10th July. If it’s not removed by that time, we will be issuing DMCA notices to the platforms (who may shut you down) and looking at what other options we have to protect our content. This does not apply to your posts on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or other social media.

Anyone with questions can direct them to me at

We DO allow models to use some of our content in their promotions, portfolios, adverts, etc. Generally as long as you are using less than 8 photos from any one set, and those photos are left intact (logo on), you may use them for your avatars, promotion, page headers, personal adverts, etc. We’re fairly relaxed on this. If you want to use more content either in the promotion of our sites, or for your own personal use please contact me at the above email.

On a less serious note, but still irritating, please refrain from tagging any of our accounts unless they’re pertinent to Grooby. Tagging us on a clips site, or fans site promotion you are running, will only result in us blocking you.

I love working with models, and will promote and push your content and personal pages where I can. We try to get new models followers counts up and we assist any model who needs advice on either DMCA, stolen content or fake accounts. I appreciate that those who aren’t following the rules are in the very minority, so if you’ve read this far and it doesn’t apply to you, thank you – I’m confident you understand that content theft also affects you and your ability to work and be profitable.

Again, any questions :

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