“Models Wanted for NUDE shoots” – READ ALL THE WORDS

Our Portland photographer had a strange experience today. A model answered his advert for Asian models for nude shoots in a local paper and was interested in working with him for http://www.asian-american-girls.com.
After a few phone calls in which she enquired, would she need a sex toy as “she didn’t have one” – she arrived to the shoot with makeup on, hair done and clothes ready.

The photographer discussed how the shoot would take place … and then she asked, “Wait, do you mean, this is a nude shoot?”.

Thanks for coming!

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1 Response to “Models Wanted for NUDE shoots” – READ ALL THE WORDS

  1. alex ivo says:

    Hi! im Alex. Tell you right the way:I’m 6’3 From Europe(sexy accent) very hot man.Want to be model for shemale movies and if i send you my pictures you will hire me right the way becouse i’m very attractive and proffesional:BUT!! I feel a little uncomfortable. Tell me how hiring process works and if i can hide my face in front of camera.


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