My Morning Emails Become Your Mid-Morning Coffee Break Comedy.

Hello Mr Grooby,
I am still searching for that opportunity to be careful what I wish, I might just get it times five, five georgous huge cock TGirls that is humiliating me by giving me my hearts desire, seducing me into total submission and teasing my lustful desire into an selfless, overwhelming reality of pure xtacy and creamy orgasmic bliss; I become completely satisfied having climaxed, I begin to see the the reality of the position I’m in; clearly beyond pleasure; as my follies fade into nothingness, my position in reality sets in with a whirlwind of humiliation and disgrace but the girls are just getting started, you selfish little fake slut, pretending to play the part to get what you want, it’s too late there’s no turning back now, it’s give and take, now it’s time to give back, and we like our ts cock sluts looking smooth and sexy, dolled up and oh so sexy, the gurls tell me, that’s why your going on an estrogen cycle, getting Botox for your lips, getting your little cock locked away, and dressing like a cheap slut over hot ass longret, you will learn to walk like a slut projecting energy that’just begs for cock with every step as the roundness of your hips sexily sway, you will be our toy slut, You’ve got your wish! I feel so fucking sexy, always staying dolled up I just can’t get enough XXX TGirl action, the taste of sweet ts cum, the warm soothing feel of calming orgasmic pulses. I become my attraction. getting jiggy, bouncing breasts, tits and cock, orgasmic ass, multiple orgasams, water of life, the feel of pussy is still the best. I guess what I am trying to say is that it could make a good TGirl fetish sort of pov series that versitle top and passive TGirl admirers could get into. I took your advice and took my fantasy TGirl lust in wanting to preform as a male model in tg xxx films and tried it out.
I’ve found that my initial reaction of shame, guilt and blame for doing something wrong was only being untrue to myself. Suppressing my TGirl attraction only made it grow out of control. And I’m starting to get past the window of opportunity I turned 40. So what I am really trying to say is that I would like to preform in your TGirl productions, I am versitle, I am very attracted to black TGirls, I tried sucking she cock and I fucking love it, I need to learn to crave the taste of cum yet, and get a little practice eating ass, I can take big cock, and I realize that the TGirl productions are all about showcasing the TS performers but I think my chemistry and attraction for TS’s will no doubt lead the viewers wandering eyes back to the focus of the films attention (TGirl attraction), as the focus of my male model persona will always lead back to the TGirl stars. I am in Minneapolis right now just sort of traveling around. I am so tempted to connect up with a TS escort to practice a little again but I am a little concerned with the risk involved; I would very much like to be able to preform for your ts models on film in a safer more controlled atmosphere. I would very much like to do bareback scenes, get cream pies, swallow, and also make love and learn to share passion and also fuck raw porn star style the passive girls. Anyhow, I’m not sure how all this IT stuff works but I sense there are channels in TGirl networking that could make it possible to get me going in the TGirl XXX scene right away. I hope you will consider lining my up with a production that could use me or fit me in asap. I am also willing to commit to a strict health regiment and work daily to maintain a good look that the girls will enjoy working with.



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  1. Bella Marascalco says:

    I was hoping for your commentary on this Steven! Lol! Or either Chris Rob!

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