New Site Alert – Trans Male and Non-Binary Performers/Producers

I’ve been working the last month polling and getting feedback from trans men performers with the view to creating a website under the Grooby umbrella which would focus on trans men and non-binary folk (male identifying).

We’re now at the point where we’re looking to start some productions and looking for performers and producers.
You can find out more about producing here : Producers Wanted

You can find out more about performing here: Performers Wanted

We are not looking for cis performers at this time.

I’m sure there will be some questions, so hopefully this will answer some. Otherwise, email If you are a potential performer or producer and would like to take the survey that will help shape the direction of the site, then please email me with your Twitter address and I’ll get you a link.

Why do you want to do this site?

From what I can see there isn’t another paysite that does this.  I see a massive amount of incredible performers on social media, and it seems like OnlyFans and clipsites like ManyVids are the main outlets.   I know from running the trans girl sites that these platforms can run alongside each other, and that performers appearing on paysites also can raise their profile.  I believe the time to do this is now.

Why do this now?

We’ve reached the pinnacle of what we do in trans websites.  We have lots of sites, with different themes on trans women.  We looked at a trans man website about 5 years ago with a trans man partner, but it didn’t pan out.  In those 5 years, and especially in the last 2 years, the amount of trans and non-binary performers has skyrocketed.  I know the income from clipsites, and it’s not great – and fan sites, work for some and not for others.  This is a way we can see if there is a large market there.  Many fans don’t want clip/fan sites but do want the reliability of what they know – a paysite.

Why Grooby?  Why Can’t a Performer Do This?

Great question.  They possibly/probably can.  However, we’ve got a foundation on which to get a site launched and in front of a lot of people.  We have media connections, we have affiliates looking for things to sell, we have marketing, we have a large reach and we have the experience.  Personally, I have a great reputation in the business side of the industry (as far as I’m aware, anyway!) and can reach anyone. Kristel has a great reputation in the LGBTQ industry.  We also have the foundation that we don’t have to turn a profit immediately, something which is impossible to do in the web site business.   It often takes us 36 months to break even, but we’re playing the long game.*

*  however, if something clearly doesn’t work, we pivot or fail it fast and look for something else.

What’s Your Interest?

I/we created what I feel is the best trans women site out there, and then grew on it. I love to build things. I love to see interesting and exciting people. I’m quite voyeuristic. I get excited about new projects. I’m seeing all these amazing performers and they get me excited, and after 25 years doing this, it takes quite a bit to do that. I’ve also just turned 50 and if I don’t give this a go, I’ll regret it down the line.

Yes – I do want to make money from this. That’s what a successful business does (Grooby sites are profitable, but our margins are slim, we put a lot back into content).

No – I don’t need to make money from this. It’s a business, and if it doesn’t work, then we’ve lost money and that’s hard to swallow, but business is risky.

We’ll look at investing $75k upwards into content over the first few months, which should go back directly into the community.

I’m open to all ideas on how to grow this site, and how it should work – and if anyone has suggestions for a great site name, I’ll give you $200 if we end up using it!

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