Presenting at the 2019 TEA Show

Thank you for agreeing to present at the show. Our aim is to make the show go as smoothly as possible, and if you can take a few minutes to read this and familiarize yourself with the evening and when you will be needed.

The show is a celebration – and seen worldwide by industry and fans of trans erotica, so it’s a great platform for you to be seen. We’ve had some rare issues in the past, where a presenter has tried to ‘act out’ and frankly, made themselves look rather silly. This year, we’ve asked people who know – and trust – and whom want to present their image with the award show, in the best light – so I thank you all in advance.

There will be TEA Show Staff Presenters Meeting Place on the show floor which will be permanently staffed by Nicky or Mike. This area is next to the EXIT door, at the left bar (if facing the stage – your left). You will see a sign there and we also aim to have a balloon floating above the area.

  • Please make yourself known to Mike or Nicky, if they don’t already know you.
  • You should know which award you are presenting. Please familiarize yourself with the running schedule at the bottom of this page.
  • For the first FOUR categories at the start of the show, please once you are sat go to the Meeting Place.
  • For the first FOUR categories after the intermission, please go to the meeting place at the start of the intermission.
  • Please go to the meeting place 4 categories before your category comes up.
  • You will be taken backstage to be given the awards and envelopes. Alex, Danny and Kristel will be backstage. Please keep voices low as they can be heard on stage.
  • Decide with your co-presenter who is going to open the envelope before you enter the stage.
  • Domino will announce you and when you enter the stage, one person should state “And the nominees for (your category) are …” You can adlib and add your own personal touches.
  • At this point the video screen will run, showing the nominees. After the video, the assigned person should open the envelope and one or both of you, announce the winner.
  • If your category doesn’t have nominees – Domino will announce you on stage and ou will just open the envelope and read the winner.
  • In the event the winner is not there, we will inform you before you go on stage.
  • There will be a trophy girl on stage to give the trophy to the winner.
  • After the winner comes up, congratulate them and allow them to give their acceptance speech. You all then exit the stage and down the steps. You then exit backstage with the winners. Please be mindful of he noise as we are recording interviews off stage.

Don’t forget to get photographed off stage!

Thanks again – the main thing is to enjoy yourself!

Running Order:

Best DVD
Best Photographer
Gender X Model of the Year
Cam Performer of the Year
Black TGirls Model of the Year
Best Internet Personality
Industry Professional Award
Best Self-Producer
Best Girl/Girl Scene
Best Boy/Girl Scene
Best Scene Producer
Best Trans Man Performer
Ms. Unique
Best Solo Website
Bob’s TGirls Model of the Year


Best VR Title

Kinkiest Tgirl Domme / Kink

Lifetime Achivement ONE

Lifetime Achievment TWO

Best Clipsite Star

Transational Fantasies Model of the Year.

Best Non-TS Female

Best Non-TS Male

MV Trans Model of the Year

The Transcendence Award

Best New Face

Best Solo Performer

Best Hardcore Performer


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