How Not To Get Re-Hired or Recommended as a Model for Grooby … No.1

The majority of our shoots are re-shoots of existing models, these are often easier than the first shoots as the model knows what is expected and is over her nerves a little and photographer has to explain less. It’s a running joke that transsexual model are nearly always late, and never ready but some of our photographers are just as bad. We’re shooting 1000+ shoots a year and the majority of them work out well but every so often, a model comes along who is such a little snot, such a little workie ticket, such a pain in the arse that she excels in standing out from the rest of the models and puts herself very firmly in the blacklist.

This is what happened to one of our main photographers last week, when he’d arranged to shoot a model. This model had only appeared in one shoot (in 2012).

Model flew in to Florida and assistant picked her up at the airport at 9.30 am. Drove her to the studio, (her first comment was this is a piece of shit – it’s not Warner Bros. but we’ve photographed 100’s of girls there without a problem – and at least it’s a studio and not a seedy hotel where she was last filmed) they got there at she wanted an hour to get ready, so assistant went over to photographers apartment to chill while she was getting ready. They arrived back at the studio at around 11.15 she was not ready. She then started criticizing all the props and the backdrops. They set up for the first set; at 12:30 she still was not ready.
When they inquired how long she would be the model flipped out and asked why we were rushing her ( 10:00-12:30 is rushing her!) Then she wanted to switch sets “because she is a superstar!!!”

She had all her belongings strewn over the entire studio and was told that they were not changing the set, it was already set up for the first set. Then she started bitching about we were a totally unprofessional company. (All this bitching and carrying on was done while she was getting ready)
When she finally was ready, the paperwork needed to be done prior to the shoot – she bitched about how much there was and why she had to sign so much! At this point the photographer put his foot down, and told her she was not in charge and if she did not like it to leave (without pay) but she did continue with a bad attitude.

While doing the paperwork she was very derogatory towards the assistant, who picked her up at the airport and was going to drive her to South Beach after the shoot, so he left because he was so pissed at her and her attitude but did not want to cause a scene. This all transpired after the first set. When she found out that the assistant had left, she went ballistic because now she would have to pay her own way to South Beach. At this point she started ranting and raving that she was going to sue Grooby and their reps. To cut a long story short, we did get the shoot completed.

She refused to do the body form shots and the T-Shirt shots as she did think this was in the contract (the contract is for a model shoot and doesn’t specify exactly what the photos are) so they did not do them. After shoot a cab was called to pick her up and she was yelling at the cab driver that she came to do a porno shoot and we were totally unprofessional … so embarrassing as this is an office/community complex where a low profile is preferred.

Note – the model was coming to Florida anyway, not specifically for the shoot.

Now I know girls don’t really need to model – but why do it when you come with such a bad attitude and behave like a prima donna? It’s a waste of everyone’s time – and we’re certainly not going to do any shoots with you in the future, or even consider any form of promotion for you. She’s a cute girl – but we have a lot of cute girls and most have a great attitude.

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2 Responses to How Not To Get Re-Hired or Recommended as a Model for Grooby … No.1

  1. Isabella Marascalco says:

    I can assure you that you would not EVER have any problems from me. I would be so grateful for being chosen for a shoot! I would do it for free if you chose me and flew me there and back and paid for my room and food. Can’t attach pics here, besides, that’s not what this is for.
    Anyways, I adore your work, and my dream is to one day wear the Grooby Girl T-shirt. And not because I paid $12.99 +S&H for it! Lol!!!

  2. Tonia Lee says:

    Ya I work for you and you’ve always been good to me.
    I would never act that way.

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