Rejected and dejected? Don’t be.

This is directed to all those prospective models that I’ve had to turn down from working with us.  I hope this post will give you a better perspective on what we’re looking for in models and how we work as well as give some suggestions on what to do if you want to continue to persue working in the TG adult arena.

Grooby Productions is the largest producer of TG material in the world and there are other companies but we’re renowned for being one of the companies that brings new models into the industry.   We shoot primarily in N.American, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Thailand and The Philippines but no country is out of the question if we can get a producer there.  I’m mainly going to be talking here to N.American and European girls as the other countries have different hiring techniques.

We shoot around 12-15 scenes a week for our N.American sites.  Many of these are with models we’ve worked with before and who have a following already, so we know they’re going to be profitable for us.  The rest are of new models (so perhaps 4-5 new models a week) yet I get applications from 20+ wannabe models.  So there are going to be 15+ unworkable models for various reasons.

I only have the photos and information that you send in, to go on when making a choice whether we can possibly shoot someone.   If you send in crappy photos, photoshopped, or not showing your face, it’s going to be rejected immediately.    Models should be sending in a selection of clear photos showing their face and full length body.  Close up cock shots are un-necessary.

We’re primarily looking for girls already in transition although will sometimes take girls very early into their transition.  We’d rarely take someone who identified with being a crossdresser or transvestite unless they looked exceptional.   Having boobs (hormone boobs or implants) would be a big plus.

I don’t reject models on ethnicity, age or body size but clearly not every transgender was made to be a model, just as not every genetically born female or guy, was made to be a model.   I run a business and when choosing which models to shoot, it’s dependant on whether I think they’re going to return the investment I’ve spent on their model fee, photographers, editors and webmasters costs.   That means they are either going to bring new customers into the site or keep the existing customers happy (and continuing to pay).  If I don’t think you fit this criteria, I simply cannot waste the budget on you.   Grooby is probably the company which takes the most risk on new models (which is why you see so many new models on our sites before they get poached by other sites) but we cannot shoot everyone.

While you may disagree with my assessment of you (and I only have the photos that you sent in to go on) it is my business and it’s my decision.   That doesn’t mean that there isn’t other companies that might be interested or all adult industry avenues are closed or even that we may be interested in working with you in the future!

Many of our current models were rejected on their first submission, they continued their transition and resubmitted new photos and were picked up for shoots.  If you aren’t suitable for our site there are other sites that specialize in different types of girls and you should look into them.    We run a cam site which might interest you at so you can try performing for pay and get a free profile at to see who may be interested in working with you.

At the end of the day, not everyone is suited to being a model or a performer.   Be confident in who you are and the changes you have made to your life and lifestyle – and enjoy and embrace it.

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9 Responses to Rejected and dejected? Don’t be.

  1. Hello,
    Very well spoken words regarding a persons transition and I respect your business model outlines and honesty.
    All my best,
    Holly Lynn Valentine

  2. Bryon Haas says:

    I was just trying to get info or an application as a male who wants to have sex withshe males in porn films. Hope you can help me with this.

  3. Barry Raben says:

    I’m an attractive white male with a bit of experience with Thai ladyoys. I think I could do a good with the Japanese new-halves, as I speak the language. I have not seen any other white guys in the productions.

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  5. Robert (Jaz...not says:

    Jasmine…AKA Jaz…me…lol…entering my 2nd year cycling hormones…2 months on, 2 months off. Why? To regulate the changes as I have not CUM out yet…hope you see some humor in that! Very good advice here for would-be models in the industry. It’s never too late to realize your dream…I started at 60…yes…60…most that know me swear I’m not older than 45 so guess that’s good news, or as I say, good genes. Very feminine shape developing, and no, I can’t go to the beach anymore as male due to my breast growth:)) My stats: 6ft tall, 160 lbs, slender and toned. Penis is disappearing with the spiro, and yes, I’m virgin anally.

  6. Lacy Racheau says:

    Would love to get started as soon as possible. Very open minded and new to this. Would love to hear from anyone one that has advice or an offer. Hey, thanks!

  7. Im a tgirl from Ohio, ive been perusing the site to find an application prompt. Ive failed in my attemps. Im on Hrt and am very interested in applying for a position ^.^

    5 months on hormones.
    Live full time as a female.
    Pre op
    Embracing femininity
    A former reject-EI
    Im more aware of what grooby needs out of its performers.

  8. John Cahill says:

    My submissive partner is a 25 ur old cd that is not on hormones but I believe one of the exceptions to the no cd rule . She has feminine qualities and talent posing . She is one of the prettiest , sexiest CDs on Fet life . I do makeovers and photo shoots on her as a novice and the results are incredible . I put her in a victoria secrets halter wrap on fire island in New York this summer . She has dimples on her back as well as on her cheeks with nice small teeth . She is in what we do considered passable . I know you do not usually accept CDs but believe me she would be the exception . She has feminine qualities rarely seen in what we do . When I take her to a salon for makeover when we finish she just has on wig and not dressed yet but starts talking fem which you know is the most difficult thing of all to do without proper training . Sexually she gets hard and cums is a bisexual and a switch and is with couples , single women and single men . Everyone that sees her wants to be with her whether they are male or female . My question is should I have her apply even though it is just a slim chance or not to waste all of our time . I wish she could just send you one pic that you could simply say yes apply or no do not . Non of her photos are photo shopped . Thank you John

  9. samanta says:


    My name is Samanta from victoria BC Canada I am A 40 year old post opp
    I would love to model for you I am part Arab par Malaysia 5′ 11″

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