TEA 2020 Statement 12th March

1:56am Thurs 12th March

I expected to be releasing a statement this evening, assuring everyone that until we heard from either the city, state or the venue, the TEA Party and TEA Show were going ahead as planned. I spent the evening in The Forum at Inglewood with 17,000 people, and as events such as this and other theater and music events were continuing then there was no need to cancel our much smaller event. We would be monitoring the situation by the hour, and taking necessary actions.

Given Gov. Newsom’s announcement late Weds night that all events over 250 people should be cancelled or postponed, this has now been taken out of our hands, and it seems extremely likely that the TEA events will be cancelled this weekend. It would be remiss and irresponsible for us to go ahead when given directives from the state (you can read the full article here: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/gov-gavin-newsom-says-gatherings-of-more-than-250-people-should-be-cancelled-statewide/2327551/

I empathize with everyone who has already traveled, or has spent time and resources to attend. Mike and I, traveled over this week from the UK solely to work and attend the TEAs so we fully understand the impact this news has.

I will be taking a meeting with my staff and legal advisers first thing Thursday morning and willl be releasing a complete statement at that time – but if anyone has yet to travel, I’d strongly advise they cancel those plans. More details will follow Thurs morning.

Thank you.

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