TEA Nominations – 4 Days Left

Kristel has informed me we’ve over 200 pre-nominations returned already. You’ve 4 days left before the pre-nomination process closes.

As every year, it doesn’t matter how many times we ask – we get idiotic nominations which just waste our time. Girls requesting their fans to spam it (and they fill in every single category with that performers name) go straight into the bin. People nominating Vicki Richter or Yasmin Lee for ‘Best New Face’ and nominations for titles that were released years ago or are ineligible. Please take care on your pre-nominations. You can submit more than one model/performer/scene – but just don’t spam.

What is the pre-nomination for and how does it work?

This is to ensure everyone gets a fair shake. It’s so our panel who has to whittle the hundreds of pre-nominations down to less than 20 nominations per category can ensure that they’re not missing anyone out of consideration. That being said, you have to be realistic and in an effort to manage expectations and to make our job easier, I want to impart some general guides.

  • if you’ve done 1-2 shoots, it’s unlikely you’re going to get nominations.
  • in the model categories we look for those who’ve worked over a wide range of productions/sites AND/OR have had impact.
  • this year we will give some more weight to self-production because of the Covid situation but performers working for studios as well, are more likely to make the cut.
  • best scenes/DVDs must have been released during 2nd Oct 2019 – 31 Oct 2020. No exceptions.
  • we really try hard to be as fair, as inclusive and as transparent as possible. We just can’t fit everyone into nominations.

There will be a fan votes later in the process – and of course, some of our title sponsors get to select models, so there are many opportunities but with 100’s of performers, it’s very tight.

Above ALL else, we are here as a celebration of trans porn and to put our niche and many models in the public spotlight. This year, we are working on ways to get more models involved.

I hope this has been some help, and I wish you all good luck.

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