Temporary Workers Wanted for “grunt work” – data entry/verification & image work.

We’re in the process of switching all our websites to a new content management system called Elevated X, which will allow us to ensure all our sites can be seen by the latest technology, be more customer friendly and many other features.   Although much of this is automated, to get the look and the style of the site to our exceptional quality, we need some of it to be done by hand.

The work would involve:

  • checking the new sets against the old site to ensure everything was there.
  • checking the editorial for errors.
  • writing editorial if there is non present.
  • choosing images for the sets (photo and video image).
  • some database entry/selecting categories for each set.

It would be essential that you have a fast enough computer and internet connection, as well as some photo editing software.   We’ve based the payment on the average time to do a set/scene – and this is pretty straight forward work – at $10 per hour.   Work will be checked daily and anything not up to scratch, asked to be done again.   Payments to be made via check every two weeks, therefore we’re ideally looking for US employees.

Anybody interested please apply by emailing admin@grooby.com and supplying:

Name and Location (city/state).

Any experience in similar positions.

Amount of hours per week you’d be able to work.

If you’ve worked for us in any capacity (affiliate, model, etc) before, please let us know.  If you’ve social media interaction with us, then also let us know.  If you are or have been a member of a Grooby site, then please let us know.

We’re looking for people who can have a good eye on what needs to be done, professional, enjoys the work and looking to help us ensure our sites are the best looking TS websites online.




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