Tgirls? Have a Solo Site, Cam Site or Escort Listing You Wish to Promote? Here is what we do for YOU FREE!!!

Anybody can build a site or a profile on a social network.  Getting yourself noticed, is the hard part!  Surfers are faced with 100’s of option every time they go online.  Google is almost useless as it’s been hijacked by spammers and you are in competition with every other tgirl who is trying to get a surfer to become a paying customer.   The hardest part, is getting them to your front door!

Here is what we at Grooby can do for you.  All this is absolutely FREE for you to utilize.

1.  Hung Angels –

Hung Angels is the biggest surfer/fan forum for those into tgirl porn and looking to meet tgirls.  It’s very carefully moderated and we don’t allow it to be spammed.  We do however, let models with their own solo sites participate and post their own photos or video links as long as they don’t over-do it and they aim to become part of the users community there.  You will find that you can make much more sales or get surfers to your site, if you participate without looking to sell, sell, sell.  It’s called the soft sell.

a)   include a text link to your site/s in your signature.

b)   place a banner linked to one of your sites in your signature.

c)   give away free sample content, don’t be cheap with it – show off – and people may be impressed.

d)  be a good ambassador for your product.  Don’t fight with people if they don’t like your look (ignore or report them), answer questions about yourself and the site, try to answer questions on other topics not necessarily about you.

We also own and which are smaller forums but with a different crowd.  Check them out and follow the guidelines as above.

2. –

This is our legal tube site.   Follow the instructions to create an account and upload your content.  Solo girl sites can upload preview videos – and it’s suggested, the occasional full length scene as well as behind the scenes footage and interviews.  If you have a paysite we can link it to banners that link directly to your site.

Cam girls can upload pre-recorded shows – or anything you want to attract to your cam site.  Put your cam handle and link in the title and the comments.

Other girls, upload your amateur of fun content, it doesn’t need to be adult.  You can share it on Twitter, Facebook and your own blogs or sites.   You can take the link and add it to Hung Angels to have it streaming within that site.   This is a great opportunity to get a lot of surfers to see you.

3. –

This is our social network site.  It’s only for uploading your own content so please don’t infringe.  Meet and chat to 1000’s of people all over the world who are tgirls or their fans.   Add your website content, add cam clips, whatever you want to show off, you can do it here.


Use Facebook and Twitter to your advantage.  If you have something of interest than post it and link it to relevant people, if you’ve worked for us then post a few great pics and mention @groobysauce or Steven Grooby on Twitter/Facebook and I will try and retweet/repost when I can.

These are just  a few of the ways we can bring you more exposure.

Watch this space for more!


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