We wus robbed. Once again denied an award by AVN – Fuck ’em!

I really thought is we were going to win, it should have been this year. Buddy Wood’s Shemale Superstars was easily the best contender in the Best Transsexual Release – and starred probably one of the best line ups ever – Yasmin Lee, Olivia Love, Vicki Richter, Khloe Hart and Danielle Foxx. The scenes were excellent but the DVD really stood alone in what it tried to do, which was to find out more about the girls as it followed them around and interviewed them. It was well edited and it’s sold like crazy.
See the free trailer at Shemale Video Direct.

As per fucking usual, AVN – who know nothing about the transsexual scene or the likes, awarded the DVD to a company which spends a lot more advertising dollar than we do. I’m not saying that the winner, “America’s Next Top Tranny 2” was a bad film, it wasn’t, it was good – but it wasn’t near Shemale Superstars.

So I’m doing as I preach so often. Putting my money where my mouth is. We spend over $75,000 a year with the AVN network advertising mainly Groobybucks – so fuck them, I’ll pull the advertising and spend it elsewhere. While we might not be able to match the AVN winners advertising dollar and get a win ourselves, I’m certainly not going to continue to endorse them.

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