Where are they now?

One of the most common questions we get asked are variations on, “Where is XYZ model now?”. The most common answer is that they just had their time in the industry and moved on with their lives. Many trans women just want to try adult work without seriously getting into it either for fun, validation and extra income (or all three). Many, once they are out separate themselves from the adult industry and we hope continue their lives in ways that are fulfilling to them.

I thought it might be a fun project to find out where some of the ex-models we get the most requests for, and if they’re open to it, give some details of what they’re up to now.

So I’m looking for your suggestions of models who you would like to know where they ended up. No more than 5 per person, emailed in a list to admin@grooby.com

I’ll select the ones I can trace … and publish what I’m able to here. Nothing will be published other than details a model specifically states we can share.

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6 Responses to Where are they now?

  1. mark droz says:

    How about Holly Sweet? I haven’t seen anything in a long time.

  2. bennyx709 says:

    There was a girl named Pamala who did 12 sets with Tony Vee in NY some time ago. I thought she was so beautiful. I was wondering what ever happened to her.

  3. ToadBoi says:

    Veronica Bolina – She had some great energy and was built like an athlete.

    Tayla Dieckmann – She was gorgeous. One of my all time favs.

  4. Ben Lattanzio says:

    There was a beautiful model named Pamala who did 12 sets with Tony Vee some time ago. I was wondering what happened to her.

  5. bennyx709 says:

    Another girl I loved was Sable. She worked for a while then disappeared.

  6. Willard says:

    Sabrinita? Lovely girl, last seen on an escort site a few years back. Haven’t seen any new photos anywhere else. Has she found a love? She was the type you could marry.

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