Xmas Time – Spreading Love & Happiness (and maybe you can make a wish?).

It’s coming up to the end of the year, when we all try to take some time off, and reflect on the year past.   It’s time to be grateful that we’re still in business, still doing what we love and plan to keep doing this in the coming year.  We appreciate that not everybody is as fortunate as others, and that a lot of our Grooby Girls find the Holiday Seasons particularly challenging, which is why if anyone needs to reach out – then kristel@grooby.com or steven@grooby.com should be available.

Let’s see if we can make someone’s holiday’s a little better this year – and bring some smiles and warmth.  This is aimed at the Grooby Girls who’ve worked with us over the years.   Is there something that you wish you could have?  Whether it’s a small thing, or something life affirming or changing?  What makes you smile and happy?  Is it a hug or a giant donut?  Or if life is going well, do you know of another girl who may be struggling or alone and could do with a pick-me-up?  

It’s a rather broad sweep – and we’re open to any ideas or suggestions.  Clearly, we won’t be able to fulfil everyone but if there is something we can do, then email admin@grooby.com with the subject line ‘Make a Wish for Xmas’ and let us know in as much detail as possible.

And we wish everyone love, respect and happiness this holiday.

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5 Responses to Xmas Time – Spreading Love & Happiness (and maybe you can make a wish?).

  1. Jordyn Starstruck says:

    I must say the fact that you all are willing to do this and make people’s holidays a little brighter made me tear up. I wouldn’t have thought in a million years a porn company would try to do stuff for less fortunate people especially a company as successful as this. It truly makes me proud to be apart of grooby as a model. You guys are the difference the world needs. I don’t want anything from grooby-clause cause the warmth I get from knowing you guys care about your models is enough to make my Christmas special. Thanks for all your support and I hope everyone on the team has a wonderful safe holidays!
    Jordyn Starstruck

  2. mark droz says:

    I would like anything with Holly Sweet. A date would be great but I know that chance is very slim. A personal email would even be outstanding. Holly is a beautiful girl and really desirable.

  3. Steven says:

    Thanks Jordyn. It sounds cheesy but we think of ourselves as part of a large group of likeminded people, and the business side is just part of it. If we can make as many people happy as we can, then that’s good for us all.
    Happy Xmas!

  4. This is why I love working with Grooby.. you care about the models you work with! The respect is mutual and it shows. Thanks Steven for giving all the trans women and men out there a fighting chance!

  5. Steven says:

    Thank you – I look forward to going into 2020 and hope to see you.

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