How to apply to be a TG model/performer for Grooby.

I get dozens of applications a week – and I look at and answer everyone.  Most of them are rejected, often because a model hasn’t given me enough information to be able to make a fair assessment.  So in an effort to save us both time, please read and follow the guidelines below.

We don’t have photographers in every state or country.  We’re currently shooting in LA, San Francisco, Portland, Toronto, NYC, Washington DC, Ft.Lauderdale, Texas, Las Vegas and the UK.   We accept applications from anywhere as photographers do travel or for exceptional models we may work something out with, so please follow the submission instructions.

Models must be 18+.  We’re looking for models of all ethnicities, body types, ages and looks but you should either be in transition, transitioned or planning to transition. Post-ops welcome.

  • Send a selection of clear photos that include face shots and full body.   Camera phone photos are fine, a full nude should be included.  Do not send photoshopped or altered images.  Make sure images are large enough to be seen.   Do not send closeups of genitals without full body/face.
  • Include your location, name, age, stats and any other pertinent information, talents, hobbies, fetishes or looks.  If you have a special feature, let us know.
  • Email above to with subject line : Model App: (your name).

Not everyone can be a model but everyone following the above instructions will get a reply.

UPDATE 30TH APRIL 2013 :  READ THIS : seriously, how stupid can people be?  I’ve clearly stated how to apply to be a model but people still keep applying on this site.  YOU have failed already!!!

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85 Responses to How to apply to be a TG model/performer for Grooby.

  1. Juliana Squirt says:

    Hello. my name is Juliana Squirt Latin Descent Pretty face, Slim toned body, Beautiful Legs 23 Yrs old, 5’7, 135 Lbs 8″ Tool. 1OO% REAL & Accurate Pictures. my phone number is 1 613 410 9094 I live in Montreal Canada but I travel everwhere in Canada I am Independent/Clean/Safe/NO BB. Eager to give and receive pleasure. check my first and only video and look for juliana squrit.. hope to hear from you..

  2. Katie Klark says:

    Hi Ive shot with YUM here in dallas but i was contacting you because i was attending the TRANNY AWARDS next month and was very interested in shooting with some of the different grooby sister sites! I just dont know how to go about it or how?..if can get back with me id appricate it with greatest respect thank you XOXOXO – kATIE KLARK

  3. KENDRA BADAZZ says:


  4. HONEY BUNNY says:


  5. Please feature her! She looks fantastic and has to be the most musical Canadian girl. Check out her youtube videos:

    A great fantasy would be to show up at her place for guitar lessons…and end up naked together!!

  6. Amber Littlefeather says:

    Hey Steven..Thank you for Great advice!…I have been on for about 2 weeks and I would say its going well meeting alot of people…Your advice worked along with taking it a step further adding pics on Facbook,Flikr,Youtub and Tgflix..Facebook is going very well I have 25 pics on a few pages with 38,000. Likes total in about a little over a month flikr 1200 views in 5 days,Youtude 450 in about the same time…Ok so I have been contacted by a few people asking if I would be on there site as well as more pages on facebook some are flat out” creepy” and I write them off as admirers but some have small sites I just don’t know if it would be good for me to join so is there a point were its too much and would not be helpful if I would like a career in this industry in the future..Any Advice you can offer would be great.. Sincerely Amber Littlefeather

  7. Ken Bradish says:


    Been a fan for decades, a subscriber as the current economy permits. I do have 3 suggestions/requests.

    #1 – On both SheMaleYum and ShemaleJapan(?) when you want to look up models by name there are numerous letters that have 1, 2, or more pages to them. Can your website designer insert a pull-down menu for those letters that are multi-pages for page 1, page 2, . . . etc; so you can return to the page you had left off at. This is, as opposed to, going to the letter, then going the page you think you left off at, trying to continue a progressive search. Just an idea that I think would help keep you on top of the show!

    #2 – Would it be possible to start a new section at SMY or SMJ that is TRULY for amateurs. Namely for amateur subscribers to submit their amateur photos/videos of amateur tgirls across the nation/world? I’m seeing a gal who is to shy to let me submit photos and info to you; but is definitely SMY material (I think). The best part is she let’s me take pics of her “no problem” when we are together, which I fuckin’ Love (as she won’t marry me LOL).

    #3 – There is a CD/TV/TG(?) I have found on several sites, but can’t really find out anything about her. She’s an absolute Knock-Out ! ! ! Her name is Samantha Ferguson. If you go to: “”, look up “Models”, then the letter “S”, then scroll down to her name/pic, you should find 3 vids there that are very professionally done. Truly a model fitting of SMY’s standards! Please get her onto SMY !

    Oh P.S.

    Tell her I’m in Love !

    Good Luck and Thanx,

    KJ Bradish

  8. Steven says:

    Hi Ken
    Thanks for your continuing support.
    1. When we do the next build of the database we’ll look into something like that or similar. The sites have simply grown so big.
    2. Unlikely that we’d incorporate into those sites but we do have something coming along soon which should pique your interest.
    3. Will look her up – thanks. A lot depends on location and if she’s interested.

  9. Steven says:

    Good to see it’s going well Amber. is 100% free, no vip areas or anything like that so it’s great place to meet people from all walks of life. Please be safe and if you to meet anyone for real, meet them in a public place.
    My advice on modeling for smaller sites would be to see what’s in it for you? They often can’t pay much (if at all) but if the photographer is skilled and you’re looking for some pro-photography, then work with him but ask to be able to use the photos yourself also. Maybe it’s a small site but has a lot of people viewing it – exposure CAN be good, depending on where. Check out the site, if the photographers looks amateur and the site looks weak, chances are they’re just looking to meet tgirls for fun. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s how I got my break 🙂

  10. Steven says:

    Cool stuff but we wouldn’t approach a model who didn’t show any interest in adult work as I think it’s a bit low class and makes too large assumptions about them.

  11. Steven says:

    Follow the instructions on the post please.

  12. Steven says:

    … and we now have Juliana Squirt appearing on

  13. Alex (Johnny) says:

    Hey was looking to become a Ts model, I bleave I have what it takes great body fit sexy .I would just love to see where this world go and meet other Ts .Also to explore and have fun modelling .

  14. freimar perez says:

    ‘m transvestite. 23 years. Medellin Colombia. very hot and I want to convey to your business

  15. Destiny Mylan says:

    Hi my name is Destiny Mylan an i currently reside in Vegas from Ohio.Im a transsexual looking to rejoin the adult entertainment bussiness.i have done video,modeling,web,parties,special events,escorting,an so much more.Im multi racial,29,5’10,165lbs,8 1/2 in cock,my breast havent grown yet but iam working on into pretty much anything that i can make money off of.if u would like anymore info or pics plz email or text or call me @ 7026102848 or email me

  16. Ebony Williams says:

    You can look me up on Facebook @ ebony inez Williams…..twitter @ tsebony ……google me @ ts korii…….I see a few a few of my friends that’s done work with you and I would like to have a opportunity to do the same please take time out and give it thought you won’t be disappointed you may contact me through phone my number is 404-449-6191 thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon take care xoxo ts ebony

  17. dimple adalim says:

    hello, my is dimple 28 yo from the philippines and i saw this this in google that a model performer in your site and i am willing to work..and i hope you can give me a chance to work with your site.thank you and more power:-)

  18. hi im kim i want to be come a model here i ahave big cute cock and big cum mand i can swlow all cum wanna play with mmmmmmm

  19. Mason says:

    It clearly says to email him not post on his blog

  20. KIARA AGEE says:


  21. Jordahn Sux says:

    I sent an application in, and still no reply 🙁

  22. Miss Jade says:

    Hi my best friend is a Tranny, and just did a photo shoot for your site. Do you feature GG’s (Genuine Girls)? Or just Tranny’s… Just curious.. I have modeled since I was 16 years old. I love to be naughty on camera… If you only shoot TS, that is just fine. You have beautiful women on your site and keep up the good work…


  23. Andrea pipes says:

    this is Andrea pipes and im ready….. <3

  24. Andrea pipes says:

    i hae been on shemalestorkers,my video aired in feb,2013 and im a up and coming model that love what i do,so if u can plz contact me at , (989)493-5850 andrea pipes/i live in michigan

  25. Kimora Starr says:

    Hello there my name is kimora and I was a former model for the black tgirl site for the Carolina’s . I really enjoyed modeling but I was younger and not experienced and not fully developed as a transgendered woman . Now that I am 25 I’ve gained knowledge amongst other things I’m ready to do a re- shoot and turn it out ! Contact me at 8195216164

  26. andrea pipes says:

    i have been on shemalestorkers,my video aired in feb,2013 and im a up and coming model that love what i do,so if u can plz contact me at , (989)493-5850 andrea pipes/i live in michigan and willing to travel……..

  27. andrea pipes says:

    i lost your contact info

  28. luna trap says:

    Hello!! I am Luna im a transexual girl (Trap) from Costa Rica,i’m 21 years old, i have a boyfriend but he’s not mad becuase of this , i’m quite friendly and i like funny things, but at the same time im not a angel, im a little sexual devil, if i like you, please follow me, i will update this blog with SFW and NSFW photos =D thanks!! a Youtube channel and a twiter will be a posibility in the near future,

    You Tube channel:

    Xtube channel:

    RedTube channel:

    Guys if you want to donate i would really appreciate it!, the buttom is in the top, any help is very special to me because of my inbalanced economic situation i could lose my job anytime, so thanks 🙂 all donation will go towards the saving for my operations, and in case of emergency to fund my HRT and my Dr.’s appoinments and keep me proggresing to my dream of one day become a beutiful woman 🙂

    if you want to donate toys or clothes please send me a msg with the link to the item and i will add it to my wishlist 🙂

    dont worry i’ll keep up with new content and as always free becuase i enjoy what i do ;D

  29. Noelani says:

    I modeled before. Im Noelani leather and lace.
    I lost contact info. Would like to do another video with a guy fucking me if possible.
    Please email me.

  30. Darkolina says:

    I want to be TG model/performer for Grooby. I’m 22 years old, from a small town in Serbia.My stage name Darkolina.I was born as a male,but from my childhood makes me feel like a female.
    I go to a psychiatrist, i have all the necessary documents,permission for the beginning of the transition,but I don’t have money because I don’t have a job I’m still learning school,I live with my parents.
    I love to pose for the camera,i love it i act, I’m creative.I very much want to be TG model/performer.
    My idols are shemale models, Isabelly Killer,Shakira Maya Voguel, Ts Jesse Ruby Navarro and a number of other…….

  31. sloane ali says:

    hey . id love to do a shoot living in toronto. its been a few years. contact me please?


  32. jen says:

    Is bareback and creampies allowed? Because that is what i want to perform and be known for. Thank you

  33. tony says:

    Hi all Shemale nice

    am tony and am Professional photographer and am to much love take shoot for nice shemale

    am do a few years this work

    contact me please 00971559922109
    or by my email

  34. Hello. I’m very interested in being a transsexual model for the company. I’m a sexy 24 years old , 5.10 and Native American. I live in colorado. My phone number is 9702006711. I’d like to do any kind of shoot with whom ever available any time. Thank you ^_^


  36. ts.tia says:

    im looking to be on your site.

  37. ts.tia says:


  38. I’ve sent an application no reply

  39. Johnathon S. says:

    Hi, I have been a huge fan of Canadatgirl for a long time. In this past summer there was a knockout known as “Maria” can’t seem to find her on twitter or any of her new shoots. Where can I find her new stuff / contact her?

    Also, I know that requesting gets us nowhere but I need to see more Tropicana hardcores she is flawless !

  40. wow.. some ppl are regoddamndiculous sending stats and can’t read
    your post. I see what you mean Steven G.

    BTW Love your sites
    XOXO -Trixxy V. Tease

  41. James Squire says:

    I want to model for you, I am good looking and well hung

  42. ric says:

    I’m a photographer here in Atlanta.

    I’ll take photos of you to send to Steve then do a shoot if he approves.

    Contact me.

  43. Venus cuella says:

    Hi guys mu name it’s Venus cuellar and I want to be a shemale model

  44. Kylee Syn says:

    Hello my name is Kylee Syn Im Asian/Native American decent 5″10, A/B-cup 200 lbs thick body but not super fat, I live in Des Moines, IA most of my life but im willing 2 travel, Ive been living as female for 2 years and been on HRT for bout a year, Ive been suffering from financial problems and needed extra cash for breast augmentation and SRS here’s my number and my facebook if u wanted 2 contact me

  45. I wanna model wit a black pretty tranny wit a sexy body wit nice big tittes n ass n dick n pretty feet tha wear pumps

  46. cameron smith says:

    Hey i was trying to find out how/if the models (particulary black/latino ts Giselle, ts Alicia Hunter, ts Jadea & ts Amanda Coxx) can be contacted for one on one meetings. I don’t know if we would have to go through a booking agent or the models do it themselves. If those specific models have contact info, can you please either post it on email it to me? Thanks in advance.

  47. hi my name is felicity I was looking to do a photoshoot

  48. Bianca says:

    I am very much interested in joining Black tgirls, because I am from The Bahamas and tgirls need more exposure. We have a lot of trans lover travel to the Bahamas on a daily bases but don’t know how to find and where to look for Caribbean tgirls.

  49. Hello my name is ashontae conner but I like to be known as Ashontae monroe I Am 5ft4 I weigh 125p I have brown eyes and beautiful black hair I reside in Tuscaloosa Al I know black tgirls are looking for the best well im here to bring nothing but the best im very muti talented I can draw very fine arts and be very poetic my best future’s about me are my full lips and my natural femeine face and figure contact me 2053933917 love to work with you

  50. trixxy lieber says:

    I’m proposing for you to have me transformed surgically into a J-Cup titted, giant lipped, and giant ass checked shemale fuck toy slave. lol basicly for my new body ill sign a contract for 20 years and every thing. keep in mind contract is to be ne gotiated before signing. so just send me aessage and we can work out the details of money and time and ETC.idk how much is needed to be fully functional and the surgeries would be be very difficult, expensive, border line legal maybe even outside the United states and require at least 3 to 6 months transformation time and 2 to 4 months full recovery time as well as hormonal and surgical development altogether at least $300,000+ for the surgeries and $50, 000+ for a 9+ month private living and recouperating/transformation stage. plus I’m not sure where to go exactly for a regement to have F cup breasts in 6 months and 28 to 30in butt implants and 1&1/2in to 2inch lip implants, as well as facial and vocal and other cosmetic surgeries. I’m willing to be ur sissy shemale cumslut and I’m willing to sign a contract bindingto that I will need cash advances and u to get in contact with docters either siuthamerica or like thailand or phillipines to do extensive cosmetic surgery. I’m going to need an apartment and all living costs covered for a 9 t0 10 months for me to rest and transform privately, all yhe time giving you status updates and later when more attractive pictures a and video. I’m gping to need facial andbody cosmetic rec onstruction and surgries as well as vocal surgery and lip breast and butt implants miltiple times till acceptablesize & yes for life everyday pleasuring u in every way I can and all my clothes will only be sexy costumes, so all day everydsy ill be looking sexy for you and ill clean and cook. ur perfect little shemale porn star slut well if you paid for it my new body that is i would enjoy riding and sucking cock everyday using my titties to play with cocknand every day lick balls with my mouth, if ur interested in the preposal get at me

  51. evalin says:

    im 24/3 years old white. handome face. and im now cd and tv.i wanna b male model this my numberphone :09398488872 from iran. pls hiring meee
    and this may email
    and my facebook id : evalin cder

  52. Kristina Marie says:

    Hi, im not sure if you guys are in the biz for crossdress porn, but thats what im interested in getting into, im sending a face pic. I can send more if needed. If nothing else, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks bunches!!

  53. hello
    I’m Neil. I would like to belong to his team as a photographer. I am in South America. Colombia. Here is very cute shemales. that they would be interested in joining your page. my mail

  54. bianca vargas says:


  55. KENDRA WOODS says:


  56. Jen says:

    Are you still looking for models? I sent an application following the guidelines, but never got a reply.

  57. edwin brumbaugh says:

    I would love to be totally feminized with hormons and strict corseting and implants I would love to do this for real and star in one of your movies like being kidnapped and feminized from start to finish I would do anything to do this for real

  58. yamini says:

    Iam a cd and looking for work .I have real good feminine look with makeup.anyone like to see my Image just mail me .

  59. Adrianna Fae says:

    I’m on two of your sites Canada Tgirl & Asian American Tgirls. How do I get on Shemale Yum?

  60. Steven says:

    We’ve just got you in for reshoots this week! Generally we prefer to keep different models on different sites when possible, this means we can get more work to more models. Let’s see how the sets go down on before we talk about extra work. Thanks.

  61. Steven says:

    Please follow the model link and I’ll get back to you.

  62. Steven says:

    Once you’ve feminized get back in touch.

  63. Bill DeBole says:

    If you’re ever looking for a virgin for one of your models to de-virginize, I would gladly do it for free. Not a joke, just being truthful.

  64. lovstad says:

    Hi…Norwegian male looking to join a shemale/tranny movie.
    Got some experience but want a lot more.

  65. Jenn/Jeff says:

    Looking for porn company advice were to go to become a she male. I want to be a sex toy for men –get big tits and hormones and and perform sexually in porn…can I go to a doctor for sexual exam and can I fast track the transition by going to out of country doctors . Who is creating the most attractive fucktoy trannys help me I’m ready to be a sex object and can you help me with the most perverted and naughty doctor to take my male body and rape it into a shemale

  66. Alex Santillana says:

    Hi im trying to get on a porn site im 135 lbs latin caribbean t girl thats a lot of fun

  67. Judith Wilde says:

    Hello, good morning. My name is Judith Wilde, and want to work with you. Regards

  68. Allurah says:

    Hi there I’m Allurah from the Philippines i was actually really searching for a nice TS/LB Porn production that can hire me as a Top/Dominant or i can be Versatile depends who would be my partner/co-actor is also want to be exclusive making porn/movies/video only to a caucasian age and looks are not important at all but only for caucasians again..,thanx and hope for your replies over to my Email i also cant see the space where i can upload my Nude photo by the way i do Escorting here in Manila that why some i have here is the one i’ve beeing suck by my client is that fine or already ok for you guys??

  69. gary says:

    I want to create an event that would benefit the gay community in Finland. I have great ideas but i need your support

  70. josie wails says:

    Hi, my name is Josie. Ilithyia on ter and backpage. I am 28, living in ft. Lauderdale. I have done amateur work with shemale yum in florida. I feel I have potential to be a good model and actress and would love the opportunity to audition for a spot.

  71. Alexis Santillana says:

    Hey im ashanti sexy caribbean t girl very sensual and will to work and make your porn site or porn vidoes one of the best ones of the season get at me you wont regret it

  72. Nyabella says:

    I’m Nya 27. Afro Cuban American live in Houston tx I’ve worked with ya before and would like to do it again

  73. I would love to work with you I am 5’7 in , height and I am 26 I am very photogenic love taking pictures I’ve been transitioning for a while and I’ve always wanted to be a model my phone number is 919-904-3360

  74. sabrina says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you are looking for female born applicants? I am a female, but often
    get mistaken for transgender, I think because I am less feminine in manner and I do not shave. Please let me know.. 🙂

  75. alanabeth Estrada says:

    am alana 25 5″5 weight 135 tranny a

  76. Victoria Castaneda says:

    I’m 5’8 135 hormones , but not at the moment
    I have 7 – 8inch, I made a video with clips, I don’t want to be a porn star,
    I want to be a performer,I want to work
    I want to give my body an time , an I’m ready .

  77. katelynn says:

    yall read the above and send youre info to damn some people need a reality check.

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  79. I want to be big pornstar in America. Me love you longtime!!! 5inches of hard cock. Love me tender. And dont cum on my back and tell me its raining 213 258 9928

  80. Diana says:

    I’m so interested in this industry im a 24 yo t. girl from mexico my skype diana.alexa22

  81. kim fox says:

    hey I’m a very sexy transsexual I’m looking to do porn I like to have sex I’m a very freaky tranny it was very cute too I like to have threesomes foursomes anything I’m down for can you please hit me back up

  82. cryatal says:

    I want to become a model I live in the uk so I would like to try for uk tgirls I have alot of face pics and other pics if you want to see email and I can send back anything you wanto see thankyou

  83. Steven says:

    Follow the links for models wanted on this blog.

  84. Freija says:

    I was wondering, does the nude picture have to include the face clearly? And is it OK to use nicknames or do we have to use our legal names?

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