The British are Coming !!!


It’s long been known that the UK has it’s own little hot bed of trans girls just waiting to show themselves to the world. It’s not a secret, after all Jordan Jay, Sammi Valentine, Liberty Harkness & Joanna Jet all hail from those shores, so here at Grooby we decided it was about time to develop a new site, aimed at the UK scene. When we started shooting for this late in 2014, we first brought in models that Kalin had shot for, girls like Mia Maffia, Red Vex & Jazmin but quite quickly, we heard from other models so were really excited to be able to start the site with a larger spread of brand new models including Alexa Angel, Isabelle, Alicia Snow, Bonnie, Lexus Bradbury and Larissa Arazi. We even managed to get the awesome Evain Diamond in. It was during the shooting that I realized that the site, shouldn’t just be about British models … the UK is one of the world’s great melting pots and we get immigrants and visitors from all parts of the world. Furthermore, we’re just a short hop from Northern Europe and I can’t think of a site that represents TS models from that area. So we expanded our horizons – and are welcoming any TS models visiting the UK. The lovely Kira Hart for example (a US student, on an exchange to the UK), Sadie Kross who has been a hit so far and traveled from her native Finland for the shoot. Previously mentioned Isabella is from Bulgaria & Red Vex from Poland. The site represents what the UK is about – a wide selection of unique looking models.

We definitely were against going down the “English Rose” path, although we do have models that represent that very well – we also wanted to show the wide range of different types of TS girls we have in the UK – and we wanted to show what the scene was about so we’ll be featuring more about clubs, events and the lifestyle in the UK.

The reception to this site so far has been fantastic, we’ve lots more models planned for it (and a bunch already shot) and more are applying by the week. Thank you for allowing us to be able to do this. As with our other recent site Femout.XXX, we’ll be increasing the shoots as the budgets grow – but for now, we’re offering the site at a very reasonable $19.99 (get in now as this price will not last forever.

Take a look at some of the great content we’re offering – and every preview, you can watch a low-resolution sample.
We’re always looking for new models – so if you fancy a go, check out the models wanted links from the bottom of any of our sites.

So go take a look at


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