FemoutSex.XXX Launches

They said it would never work,  they told me I was crazy, they said people didn’t want to see that – but when I came up with the idea of launching a site for girls early in their transition (or on the cusp) in 2015, I was pretty confident it would turn into a winner.

378 models later – our ‘testing’ site is a success and has featured fabulous models from the US, Canada, Spain, Russia and the UK  – and launched Nyxi Leon, Raven Babe, Jenna Gargles, Patrice Hepburn, Jessy Bells, Addi and many more into the public eye before graduating them to our other sites (and getting picked up by other companies).

The site runs a bit differently to our other sites – we don’t run it for profit and if the profits increase will add more updates, we have a system allowing models whom after two years (and as long as they haven’t worked elsewhere in the industry) who decide the adult industry is not for them, to remove their content and we test a large range of models of all types and backgrounds.  Some work well, others not so – but this is a great way for both us to test new models, and new models to dip their toes in.

We do have been featuring hardcore content – but the members have been asking for more, and the models have been asking to do more.  The only way we could make this work was by launching a bolt-on/free-standing site.   Members of Femout.xxx can get access to Femoutsex.xxx at a deep discount, or those who only want hardcore content can access only this site at a slightly higher price point.

The site will update weekly, alternating between scenes from Femout.xxx and brand, new exclusive scenes.

If these girls are your sort of girls – and you like hardcore content, then this site is for you.

Check it out at http://femoutsex.xxx

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