Femout.XXX Launches!!! Walk this way …


Femout.XXX launches. We were so disappointed in how poorly the content was presented in Femout.com (caused by a bad choice of content delivery software) and also that the concept of that site is hard to covey (both a social network site ANDa members adult pay site), so we’ve separated them into two different sites.

Femout.com – will be a FREE social network site allowing new girls to upload their own content, meet and communicate with other girls and fans.
Femout.xxx – is a members pay site showcasing models early in their transition or those about to start transitioning in adult shoots.


Femout.XXX will become site for girls who are ready to take the next step and do a full shoot with our photographers – and of course, for the girls and guys who enjoy this sort of content. We do have criteria that we look for when choosing models. Ideally they should have shown some amateur content on Femout.com. They should either have just started transition or be seriously considering it. They should be aged 18-29 – and they should want to show themselves off either for exposure, fun or as a stepping stone to further shoots. Some of the Femout models have already graduated to our other sites and a few look like they’re ready to!


I hope you’ll help support this site. All models and photographers get paid for their shoots, editors and webmasters need paying – and 100% of any funds made on this site will go directly back into shooting new material. We’re not looking to make a profit from this site, we’re looking to encourage girls who are interested into taking the first steps. We’re community funding this website, the more revenue we have, the more updates we’ll get and hopefully more models and performers for the future of TS Erotica.
Femout.XXX is our academy. The Grooby Academy of Tgirl Fun!


Want to Model of Femout.XXX ?

    • Between 18 and 29 yrs old?
    • Early in transition or considering transitioning?
    • Would like to try a nude photo shoot or considering working in erotica?

… If yes, then please read carefully.

We’re always looking for new models. We have excellent photographers based in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Northern California/Pacific NW, Kansas City, Texas, Montreal, London… and more. If you are a girl who is early in transition or considering transitioning, and want to try modeling for the first time, then we want to hear from you.

Please email us at admin@grooby.com with the subject line “Femout Model : [your name]” and include:

Are you on hormones?
Anything interesting or different about you – hobbies, sexual preferences, background, etc.
A selection of photos clearly showing your face and a body shoot. Nudes not necessary but may help*
(*photos can be self-taken, cellphone, etc. but must be clear. All photos remain your property and will not be shown without express permission from yourself.)

Please email the above to admin@grooby.com

Our rate of pay for this site is less than our other main sites (we pay $400 for a shoot) but we hope that models will graduate to our other sites and go up to standard rates ($600) then. This site is aimed at girls either wanting a “stepping stone” to future work or those that enjoy the exposure and branding they get from appearing here and would like to make some extra money. We’re not aiming to make a profit from this site and any funds will go back into shooting as many qualified models as we can.


Content Removal

We do understand that some people may have regrets about nude modeling in the future, and this is the first site in which we can offer an easy process for the removal of the content, with various options depending on how long the content has been published. You can find our more at admin@grooby.com but we urge you to consider the implications that modeling or performing on an adult internet site may have for you.


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  1. xxx says:

    Thanks for finally writing aƅoսt >Ϝemout.XXX Launches …
    Amazing Сontent of TS Models | Grooby Steven <Loved it!

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