How to file a DMCA Notification Against Pirates

Is there anything more annoying than the punch in the gut, when you see your hard produced work or cam shows, getting show for free on some shitty, pirate tube site or image sharing site?

Although not all website abide by DMCA notifications, the majority do – and certainly the bigger companies like Pornhub, XHamster, ImageFap, Motherless, Twitter, etc. will remove the content when you DMCA them.    A company like ours is DMCA’ing 10,000 of links or scenes a week but even if you just find a couple of your scenes, or cam shows then you owe it to yourself to delete them.  You created the content – you should be the only one profiting.

This short article will show you exactly how to DMCA your content.

The DMCA Notification

The DMCA follows a very simply format.  You can cut and paste the template below and enter your own information.

Cut and paste start


Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification

This is to serve as a DMCA notification of stolen copyright material belonging to [insert your legal name or your website name here]

All material listed below must be removed immediately or I will instruct my legal advisors to bring legal proceedings against your company.

a) I, [insert your legal name here]  as DMCA Agent for the above company am authorized to make the statements below.   This serves as an electronic signature.

b) The material listed below has been posted without the permission of the copyright holders and is an infringement on their rights.

c) The material is of transgender adults and in video and image format.

[Put list of links here]






You can email our us at  on [insert your email address]

You can contact us  by mail at

[insert name]

[insert address]

I, [insert name] , state that I am  the copyright holder of the above material and I am the sole copyright holder.  We neither license or sell the material.

Under penalty of perjury, I am authorized to act on behalf of all the copyright owners named above and that the information given in this statement is accurate

Signed Electronically

[insert name]
[insert website or company name]


End Cut and Paste


The Links

Gathering links can be time consuming but the easiest way to do is to just right click and ‘copy link address’   before right click and ‘paste’.

A Xhamster link will look like this;

Gather all your links and put them in the relevant place on the DMCA Notification.  Note you can only DMCA one companies links at a time.


The Email

You will need to find the email address of the company to DMCA.  Most companies have this information at the bottom of the page under a ‘DMCA/Copyright’ or a ‘Terms of Use’. Pornhub has it’s own form at : Pornhub DMCA

Once you have the right address in your email,  enter the subject link;

“DMCA Notification from [insert your name or website][insert today’s date]


“DMCA Notification from Grooby – May 3rd 2019”

Send the email – and bam, your content SHOULD be removed.    There are loads of sites which are operated in countries which may not give a shit about DMCA (Russia I see you) but the bigger ones will remove.

Good luck

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2 Responses to How to file a DMCA Notification Against Pirates

  1. Brittney Coxx says:

    xhamster is now demanding photo ID for DMCA takedown requests. This presents a problem for crossdressers who’s appearance in their videos differs from that on their ID. They have refused my request and I am now forced to file against their ISP. This is a very time-consuming process.

  2. Steven says:

    That’s really shitty. If they share your ID they are in legal trouble so I think you’re save on sending them – and it’s for them to prove that is NOT you on the ID.

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