Ladyboy Long Mint interview … or not?

Great publicity for Long Mint in this interview on Ynot this week but … hmmm, do we really think that these are the musings of a Thai bar girl? Highly unlikely. To be fair I’ve met some really quite clever Thai ladyboys, many of them are University graduates or students (hopefully still wearing their uniforms when they come for the shoot!) but Mint, is not one of them. I’ve got to give kudos to the guys behind the site (and I have heard that Mint is getting quite well take care of!) for their moxie in getting an interview of her our though. Their company has had hits and misses apart from their flagship site LB69 and Long Mint should be a hit for sure.
YNOT: How much do you think that porn stars “get work done” to improve their bodies?

Mint: Obviously there is a lot of pressure for porn stars to make their bodies looking “pornstar” perfect beyond what is possible when dieting or working out, so surgery is often the only way to achieve a certain look and remain desirable and “in work.” I don’t think there are many successful transsexual pornstars that haven’t at least had breast implants.

YNOT: What kind of work is most likely to be done?

Mint: Being a ladyboy/transsexual and working with many others, for us breast implants are by far the most popular and usually the first major surgery taken. Also, with a lot of Asian models, there is a common desire to appear more western looking, and nose operations are very popular — Asians tend to have very flat and broad noses; thinning and sharpening one’s nose is a very immediate way to look more western. Aside from operations, most TS take hormones, which can dramatically change their body shape; making it more smooth, feminine, enhancing their curves and, in most cases, producing small breasts.

YNOT: Have you had work done?

Mint: I have had breast implants, I have had my nose thinned, and I have had hip injections three times. These are fairly standard operations for male-to-female transsexuals. Fortunately my biggest and most popular asset is very natural.

YNOT: How much financial strain does this work put on porn stars?

Mint: The operations I have undergone I would have had whether I was in the porn industry or not. These physical enhancements were through personal choice and to make me feel more comfortable in my body. The work I have done in the industry has helped to pay for them, and without this work I wouldn’t have been able to have them. Fortunately, living in Bangkok, Thailand has meant the surgery I have had is amongst the best in the world and also fairly cheap compared to western hospitals/surgeons.

YNOT: What health risks are involved?

Mint: With all surgery there is some risk, but I have been fortunate and have always used very good doctors; in fact some of the best in the business. Compared to most ladyboys that are popular in this industry I have had fairly limited surgery and I am not taking hormones, so I haven’t put my body under too much stress. I also take care of myself, eating well and taking vitamins.

YNOT: There has been a backlash against breast enhancements with the appearance of the “naturals-only” non-augmented breast niche. Does this signify a trend that stars and producers should be worried about?

Mint: Being in the transsexual “genre” I think breast implants will always be popular and the only way to go for the top models. The only other way a TS can get breasts is by taking hormones and the results are unpredictable and fairly limited.

YNOT: Is there any trend against augmentation (i.e. Jenna Jameson having her implants removed)? Or will bigger always be better?

Mint: Tastes will always vary and there will also be a market for large breasts, as there will for smaller, natural (female) breasts. But in porn you can’t seem to go wrong with the philosophy, “bigger is better!”

Long Mint

Ladyboy Mint and her long cock

Ladyboy Mint and her long cock

Ladyboy Mint sucking cock

Ladyboy Mint sucking cock

Asian Shemale Mint with Dildo

Asian Shemale Mint with Dildo

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5 Responses to Ladyboy Long Mint interview … or not?

  1. mark says:

    Mint is hot with or without surgeries exept she charges to much and the only free video on her website with only music

  2. rena says:

    want to model

  3. james mitsch says:

    I absolutely love photos of thai ladyboys

  4. Johnny says:

    What is Mint’s website or contact email?

  5. paul says:

    You are a beautiful girl. I love you and I dream of being my wife once. I wrote you a poem. It’s not about sex. Just about sex.

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