So you want to be a male performer? Read This!

The information in this post has since been updated. You can read the new version here.

I get between 3-8 applications to be a male performer every day.  Most are un-realistic and mediocre applications from guys who either have no place in front of a camera or from applicants who haven’t got the brain cells (not necessarily needed for the actual job) or the committment to let me know where they are, include reasonable photos and what they’re into.

For 16 yrs I’ve answered every applicant and I know longer have the time to do so, so this post/FAQ is to save my time and potential applicants.   If you ignore the points on here and submit an application anyway, don’t expect an answer.

A few words about the male performer job.  We shoot transgenders in various hardcore scenes.  You are a moving prop, there to make the TG model look good and give her something to interact with.   You are not the star of the show and nobody is paying to see you specifically.  You’re not going to get rich from it and the content will be out there, with your face on it forever. There are however, good male performers and not so good ones.  The good ones tend to get on-going work, the not so good ones, don’t.

So how can you be a good male performer?  First you need to fit the criteria below.

  • We are only looking for applicants in LA, SF, NYC, Toronto, Washington DC area, Miami area and Texas.   Do not send applications if you are from any other areas or will be vacationing in one of the areas above.
  • Be aged 21-late 40’s, in reasonable shape, have a cock that is at least 6+ inches (and can stay hard), well-groomed, have all your own teeth, clean and confident you will pass an STD test.
  • Send a selection of photos that include full length body shots and face shots.  No need for up close cock shots but you should include a full length shot with erection.  No need to send me a photo of your asshole either.
  • Be prepared to show your face on a hardcore TS porn shoot.  No you can’t wear shades and a hat.

If this is you and you’re doing more than just fantasising, then please send an email to with the subject line: Male Model : (your location) and include a your location, selection of photos, age and stats and any experience.   If I think you look like someone who we may be able to use, then your photos will be sent to the closest photographer who will only contact you if he needs new male talent.

Here’s what I don’t want:

  • I don’t care how hard life is for you in Pakistan/Iran/Saudi Arabia/Indian/etc.  Becoming a porn actor is not a viable way out.  No we won’t pay your visa, no we won’t change you into a girl and no I don’t want to be your friend.   Post on and find a friend there.
  • No you cannot choose which models to work with.
  • We mainly shoot with males as tops although occassionally switch.  If your fantasy is to get gangbanged by 2 dozen tgirls, contact
  • I’ll be the judge of how good looking you are, how young people say you look or if the girls will “love you” or not.  Chances are you don’t look as good or as young as you think and the girls wouldn’t care.
  • No you cannot wear a mask.  If you’re that ugly then the girls don’t want to work with you – if you’re afraid of being caught, then this isn’t the job for you.

Just because we’re unable to work with you for whatever reason, doesn’t mean you can’t still make a go of it yourself in the industry.  Many male performers and producers started off by producing porn with themselves in it, having the type of sex they enjoyed with the type of girls they were into.   Get a camera, advertise for models and get your scenes out onto the many video on demand or clips sites to see if others enjoy your work.

If you think you have what it takes but aren’t in one of the areas we shoot in, look for other companies or solo girls who work out of your area.  Put a free profile on, partipate on, go to local clubs.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

UPDATE 30TH APRIL 2013 :  READ THIS : seriously, how stupid can people be?  I’ve clearly stated how to apply to be a model but people still keep applying on this site.  YOU have failed already!!!


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105 Responses to So you want to be a male performer? Read This!

  1. Justin turcheck says:

    Hi. Just an average guy here with a curiosity with shemales. They turn me on greatly and I can’t get enough of them. I’ve mever been with one or another guy for that matter. When I look at a shemale I see a beautiful woman with a cock. I’m looking to see if your interested in using me a few times or more. I live in Abilene Texas so I fit the area criteria. Right now I’m on my iPod so I can’t upload any images from it. I can however get some to you guys if I sound interesting enough. I’m 27 years old average build. 5’9″ wih light brown hair and hazel eyes. I know this doesn’t have any images but I can get them to you jut not now. Please let me know. Thanks.

  2. tom says:

    looking to try out is there stuff or camera angles where my face is rarley shown?

  3. Steven says:

    No. What possible interest would we have in this?

  4. Steven says:

    It’s unlikely we’d use someone who had no experience with transgenders whatsoever.

  5. I am serious.. & would like to model in transexual/transvestite vids… I’ve done work with TS Seduction & alot of Amateur vids available on tube8 or I can post them on my site for you specifically if you like. Alert me if you need more detailed bod or cock shots.

  6. Treyvon Bryant says:

    I’m A male 18 yrs old , done with school, i live on my own looking for a carrer in the porn buisness. Im wanting To be in videos with transexuals and also I live in Houston , tx. But you can email me anytime! Ready to start!

  7. kadeem says:

    moved from charlotte to san diego and i always enjoyed being with trannys so i hope since i live in san diego it wont be a problem to get work. Thanks

  8. David Wheeler says:

    For starters let me start with saying I have always been intrested in tranny porn. As with anything u need a starting point. I am 6ft 210pds blkand puerto rican 28 yrs old i think i have the swag to do porn just looking for a break i am versatile willing to work my in the door

  9. hemant says:

    i am hemant want to became a pornstar…..i complete my graduation but i am from india i do anything to make my carrier in porn….plz reply for my conversion if you need


  11. Ahmed says:

    I am from northwest Pakistan and I need visa, a friend and I want you to turn me into a girl.

  12. Eric says:

    I’ve been wanting to work with the likes of Sabrina Susuki, Kimber James, I am 100% and know I wont disappoint.I am very disease free and will confidently test, very hung, please contact me with information I need to move forward! Thank you

  13. Jay says:

    Hey what’s up Steven I live in the Washington, D.C. Area and am interested in being a male model for your site! 6’3 African American male on the light skinned colored side. I’d like to think I’m pretty handsome I can let you be the judge of that! Haha. And I have a 6incher. I love transsexuals and working with them would be a dream come true! I’d love to work with transsexuals because I love it not for fame or money. I’d love to hear back from you.
    Best regards,

  14. louie says:

    Hi I have never done any ts porn but would like to. 6’4 210 lean build, clean shaven, 9″ uncut, piercings/tattoos, etc.I am getting some pictures and a better description together to send to your email steven, but was wondering if you are in need of any male models for ts porn?

  15. Klover says:

    lmao people seriously do need to learn to read. Steven they just dont get it.

  16. Marek Hudec says:

    Hi im 26 6,4 tall,235 lbs muscular-shape body, 8,5inch huge uncut cock,Im bisexual very open for all kind of fetish and else.Im vers/top

  17. David Smithson says:

    A message for Steven ,

    Hi , was thinking of applying but on wrong side of the pond , so won’t be asking you to pay for my visa (really?) , too old and only given a small part so I’ll definitely be looking elsewhere . But thanks for taking the time to explain exactly whats what and how it works , for the record I’d love to be ‘spit-roasted’ , but dreams are just that , reality is another show altogether !
    Many thanks & good luck , DecentDave .

  18. anthony says:

    i want to be a model because im told that im sexy the way i present myself

  19. kelly34 says:

    Im 19years old ive liked women and trannys since I was in the 6th grade I would love to be a porn star im willing to move in texas or nyc to work im 6″2 slim build I love sex and I worship porn im a 8 or 7 I could be top or bottom I would really love this opportunity but I think im not old enough if I am please let me know I will do anything in my power to get there

  20. Bradley smith says:

    I live in the Miami area and I’m inexperienced but I’ve always wanted to try this out and I have an open schedule I’m 19 225 lbs 6’2 an have a 6 1/2 in dick I’m ddf email me if your interested in trying me out ill send pics

  21. Robert says:

    I am well endowed food lookib willing to pose with gals trannys and dudes to i am serios about this porn business

  22. lda leo says:

    Hey i luv all ur work so keep it up and him up as a p from the Washington dc metro area hope to here from u soon

  23. Bobby says:

    i was interested in being a male model…

  24. jordan says:

    Im a real freak i love to sick shemale big dick i like to crosdress i dont know how to sign up for porn

  25. Matt says:

    hey if you want to see some pictures of me email me and i will send them im from the washington d.c. area I am 22 and white and ready to get going!

  26. Patrick says:

    I always wanted to be a male model and just wanna give it try

  27. gordonstapley says:

    24 want to become a male modle email for more info

  28. thomas walker says:

    Hi my names.thomas and im 24 white tall blonde hair and athletic. First off i love tgirls and crossdressers and id love to model for yall so get back and ill send a pic

  29. thomas walker says:

    Hey whats up my names thomas and im a 24 white male fr san antonio texas

  30. I wanted nothing more in this world but to have the chance to be surrounded by beautyful tgirls and straight girl willing to try ts featuers ima very motivated to step up to the adult films busness
    I’m most turned o by a suductiv ts. iam no camera shy or mbaosed i really think I’m the rite guy for the job we can set up a dare so we can mee in the meantim mabe your admin can use my name to retrive my web site as i don’t have much luck puling it up on line how ever their is a acct ready someplace me ints or straight i hve no problems with anybody were all family

  31. Theese sites have me in dress up or rrotte you can get all profile ploros upon request for my sit i authoize full acess granted. i would love to do a porno with a beauty qeen we can any was get me a list of toolas I’m utfa here

  32. Need a list oh wat i need added comlliments thanyou foe tring to check me out i am wling to take or give cock in theeas films for the right price i will sell you for your next movie my ass is stil a virgine. I’ve only been fucked 3times in theass by her with a stral on so if this is valueable to hou call me in. this can be directed any way you see it fit i will allow you to transform me to a tgirl if needed its just a job so everthing goes i have worked under camers in the snowboarding movie indusrty years back. I’ve been featured before. and have coopy right for my self filed in cda idaho since1995 i should look it up i think ill do this today. rsvp letts get rolling I’m not currently fully employed i can leave for weeks at a time receny devorsed my wife for neglecing us. i have no children an am willing to travel if employer agrees to assit in air fair and lodgeing costs ill do anything be anywhere I’m neede to start this out fro the top llo. sound greate * 509-690-6671 calling texting is off. calls only perfered email thanks

  33. wayde says:

    lol, a good friend of mine always says “think of the stupidest person you know…. the average person is even worse”.

  34. sick2k5 says:

    Sad that you do not have a branch in Germany 😉

  35. I am willing an ready to perform infront of the camera. I’m 6,4 with a 9 inch cock ;). I’m am versitle also an with an athletic build. Text me an ill send pics 301-908-4185

  36. I am also in the state of md next to d.c. I travel.

  37. alex says:

    Yes please to the work I live in
    the uk is that ok? Please grooby email me with
    Info on work with ts tg tv models uk work only

  38. James says:

    I am 24 years old goodlooking and would like be in the ts porn business

  39. ashley says:

    is there any work in industry for crossdresser/transvestites. Girls who are not on hormones/ don’t want to be

  40. Barry Raben says:

    You don’t have any openings for a white guy, that speaks Japanese in Osaka,Japan?

  41. Mike says:

    I want to be a model i have 7 inch hard dick bi

  42. Carlo says:

    Wondering. What does it pay. I am in Houston .. Really don’t have a freaky limit. Willing. To do gangbangs I pretty much every model y’all have lol. Will try double Anal. Cream pie. All that nasty stuff. 39 cute Italian

  43. carl says:

    I want to apply for modelling but keep hitting a brick wall . I’ve had experience with ts and gay but not on camera look forward to a reply

  44. Walt says:

    I would love to do some hardcore. Currently in Detroit but am flexible about location. I can do anything the gurl wants to.

  45. andres kaye says:

    Im a 27 year old swedish guy that would like to model for you 173cm 68kg 20cm dick. Have pictures to send if you wanna see. Hope to hear from you

  46. (EXPERIENCED MODEL/PHOTOGRAPHER) Why are you idiots applying here? This poor guy doesn’t possibly have time to run this successful of a business and read and respond to every stupid comment at the same time it’s like you guys have never filled out a porn application before -.- It kinda goes like this, one maybe two people are actually reading applications and responding to potential talent, these one or two unlucky people do not have time to do anything, if you want their attention, GO TO THEM! They don’t have time to come to you no matter how special you think you are. I’m only writing this to help you people. Look at all the typos in your peoples’ comments. It’s ridiculous. Or this arrogant idiotic notion of putting a comment of something like “7 in. hard dick bi- contact me” with no picture of you or other info? You should be shot for saying something this stupid. First, It’s porn, and I’m happy to let you know that 7″ is tiny here, crawl back to the world of average. This is hard work people, pay attention and be smart about it, it’s not easy to get into and it’s even harder to stay in.

  47. Hey Steven, unfortunately I live in LV so I can’t apply; however I have had a close person friend by the name of Lyon work for your site in the past. I just wanted to stop by and say that you do have a wonderful site, it’s nice to see sites like this keeping their head above water with all the BS piracy, and keep up the amazing work you do 🙂 -Micky

  48. Me.whitaker says:

    You don’t respond to anything myG starting to feel like it’s waste of time we spoke on Facebook a while back when I seen post a pic with Madison let me know wassup of this is fake should tell me before hopes come into play

  49. David salzillo says:

    My name is David, I’m looking to have 2-3 beautiful transsexuals use my body for there pleasure, I’ve read on your sight that you don’t travel to Rhode Islan, soo was wondering if you could help me on who to reach out to, so I can make this fantasy come true, I’m not looking to get paid, I want to do this for free, an just have fun, I don’t mind being on camera, But I’m married so I have to be discrete, I’m very clean with NO STD’s of any kind, I’m 5’10”,160lbs, thanks for any kind of help

  50. Kejon burks says:

    Handse blk guy here looking to be a male performer in tranny porn!! I live in the NYC area and I’m well endowed and very interested in hearing from you!! Thank you

  51. Ethan Smith says:

    Hi I’m Ethan, I’m a 36 year old mixed race guy. I am looking to get into the adult industry and ready to start at the bottom. I am open to audition for any roll, regardless of type or scene or nature of the roll. I have cam ability and willing to provide pictures as needed. I am located in Sacramento area and willing to travel. Thank you.

  52. tommydarko says:

    I want to star in a tranny porn film. & i want 2 trannys to spitroast me?

  53. Dekiel hogans says:

    I’m A male 18 yrs old , done with school, i live on my own looking for a carrer in the porn buisness. Im wanting To be in videos with transexuals and also I live in saint Louis mo. But you can email me anytime! Ready to start!

  54. Great Article!

    I have so many Males asking me how to get into with adult films, Now I know where to refer them. Its certainly not for everybody. Best of luck to all those who have what it takes.

    Now i’m waiting on the article that tells us how to start our own Paysite and be able to feature Grooby Content, whats all involved Legal or Licensing wise?

  55. dave morris says:

    I wanna get gang bangedby a lot of tgurls hung I wanna hold the world record for how many days and cocks and how big they are hmu 5106778802

  56. Kyle says:

    I’m interested in becoming a performer please contact me.

  57. andy magi says:

    hey there white good looking clean, straight 5 10 190
    looking for an opportunity live in ny

  58. johan says:

    hello i am johan 18years old.i am a male.i want to be a please contact me.

  59. dave morris says:

    I’d like to be in a tranny gang bang the biggest one ever made I want to hold the biggest tranny gang bang hmu if u can help me 5106778802 Thanx

  60. Adam claybolt says:

    I’d like to start filming and willing to travel ..7162618809…lI’ve in buffalo ny

  61. My interests/desires in XXX movies,scenes,or pictures are:I am willing to do all of the following things-I will suck black,white,or she-male dicks,get gang-banged,be in group sex,rimming,male or female ass,eat pussy,suck tits,take facials,eat cum,do shaving scenes,solo acts with anal toys,take cream-pies,get bred,sex acts with she-males,any bareback scenes,and suck dicks thru glory holes.I will fuck men,women,or she-males,bareback,give anal sex to females,sixty-nines,use fucking machines,and perform sex acts in public.I am a total masculine bottom.

  62. Bob S. says:

    I know you said apply only if you live in certain areas but I think you make an exception for me I’m willing to relocate I love to be filmed and I’m willing to do anything when I say anything I mean ANYTHING please email me and I can send pictures that’s for your time

  63. cryatal says:

    I have fully body pics of me and anything yu need and will try my best to show that I can be good for the company

  64. Tom says:

    Hi – love your website You could say I’m a professional lurker, better yet – girl watcher. I’ve been watching for about 15 years, so I know of many many models. From an historical perspective, you’ve always had the best models, able to recognize natural beauty from the get go. That being said, I have stopped watching those who have gotten ginormous breast implants, butt implants and whatever other surgeries. They number in the hundreds, many who are household names now. I won’t list names, it’s not necessary. When I see someone that got these huge implants, a piece of my heart is broken, and I can tell you I will never ever click on them again. What I am getting at is this. And of course this is just a suggestion. Please please dissuade the models about getting surgery. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural girl – nothing. You don’t need big boobs to exude the feminine beauty that already exists. It’s in your soul, and that’s where it’s recognizable. All you women with no boobs, little boobs, hormonal boobs etc. – you are beautiful.

  65. Sigh says:

    I would like to become a model i think we both can benefit from it .i live in Daytona beach Florida so im close to Miami. Which i believe you have people there thank you. For your time i hope to hear from u soon

  66. Mickey malone says:

    Hey there, my names mickey and im a 24 year old caucasian male. Im interested in being a submissive bottom. Would be into group sex, gang bang, sissification, dress up/crossdressing, which personally i dont think there is enough of. Im into medium to large cocks. Im nit actually gay i do have a girlfriend but i am extremely open. One of my ideal scenes would be me waxxed and oiled dressed up like a proper slut and possibly tag teamed by two or three muscular men. They could feminize me and make me their little sissy slut and i would worship their cocks. Just a little bit about me

  67. David Nash says:

    I Nash willing to travel any where then would nt mind finding the one for love after retiring

  68. Jessie says:

    I read everything above and have to ask because I didn’t see it mentioned…. Are you interested in an androgynous male that is hairless from head to toe with the exception of my eyebrows, with a pretty small (shaved clean) that is exceptionally talented with rather large toys? If you aren’t looking for my type right now, I’d gladly make myself available in the future if you decide to do a photo shot or video with a guy a lot like Christian seen in so many shemale videos, but with a pretty small penis.

    The website listed is to one of my galleries on ImageFap. I have more, but that gallery should give you enough material to see if you might be interested in someone like me. My only hangup is hairy bodies, but other than that I do everything with guys, gals and of course my fav by far, shemales and crossdressers.

    Jessie Androgylicious

  69. Im looking for a position on a tgirl pron ideo as a male performer, and all poSitons desired also commenting to David morrises gangbanging desired performanopportunitys now 208-620-6539 idaho,washington located now ,er in that also if you finde producer to get it scripted out, wanted to be engaged in similar video opportunity

  70. mike says:

    I will love to join the team an make things happen

  71. margunson Jean Pierre says:

    am mark new so am to bcome a performer

  72. Jacob Sanchez says:

    21 year old Male in los Angeles looking for some fun With sexy Tgirls, maybe Make videos & i can start my Fantasy movie

  73. I wanted to keep my interest in this so I finally sent you the information you requested. I read your post and understand it clearly. I have spent a lot of my life wanting to be an actor or singer or be in porn. I will admit I am horny and I will admit I am straight. I have had some dealings with transgender or gays in the past but I keep that under wraps to myself. I would prefer to be as honest as I can and since you mentioned how many letters you get then I have done my part or all I can do contact you. I am willing to travel and I am living here in Los Angeles, CA. The pictures I sent should have been received if not contact me by email.

  74. Hello am a 25 year old crossdresser. Am new to this all. But I am a bottom gal for sure. I am willing to travel. I have 100s of pics of myself. I just post them here. If you are in trestle I will send you as many as you want. I hope to hear from ya soon.

  75. Juan John says:

    Hi my name is Juan. I am a straight alpha male who loves to be totally dominated by a black ts. To my knowledge you are always looking for some male model to work… I simply wanted to show my interests and receive more information. please contact me soon

  76. Markenson. Pierre says:

    am new to this i would love to perform am cool fun to work with

  77. Kary says:

    I love this industry I want to live this life
    I would love to do this and be happy
    Open for anything

  78. combat fuck says:

    I’m from kcmo I have fucked a few of the girls already on your site u have models on your site now from the kcmo area I’m in my 50’s but I still work tranny ass real good if you ever in kcmo again holla at your boy I can give you info on who I have already ass fucked very few can take this monster real talk Phoebe is in kcmo right now for the weekend and she couldn’t handle this dick saying it was to much for her well any way who really cares..

  79. Julian court says:

    I want to do male performing 41 muscular former bodybuilder heavly tattoo masculine into rs porn teen girls more will consider most roles

  80. Transloverforever says:

    I want to suck big shemale cocks, lick there anals, cum in the let them cum in me, fuck me hard and have a gangbang and go from penis to penis in my throat. I love shemales so much.

  81. Logan says:

    Hi my names Logan woz I’m 20 years old 5.9 in shape love trannys and would love to be a part of what your doing

  82. Kongjames says:

    I wanna become a shemale if that’s where the money is at!

  83. Alex Strong says:

    Hi,i from brazil and i like a lot of your work and would like to join in Groby,i have a fitness body and a beautiful face ,contact me , i want to enter this ! 🙂

  84. Joshua whitaker says:

    I been trying to be apart of the team for the longest what’s my needs steps from here

  85. Natan says:

    I’m 25yr old boy from Ethiopia and I am looking for performing in porn with Shemales

  86. Steven says:

    Cool – let us know when you find the hot Ethiopian ‘shemale’ scene and we’ll send our film crew.

  87. Ayman says:

    How to fill the application ?

  88. Divine says:

    I want to be with two shemales with big butts and a nice size Woodies. No definitely an awesome type of person let me tell you once they go with Woody man they’re going to want to be with me all the time

  89. Ryan says:

    Are there any British agencies?

  90. Levi says:

    Im a bi 28 yr old pro fighter in mma im athletic tattooed and adventurous i would like to be able to star in some shemale videos ill do anything they ask i have 7.5 in uncut with nice balls always looking to either give or take as much as possible. Im vers im 170 lbs and 5 ft 9

  91. gonzalo says:

    son hombre heterosexual llamativo buena presencia con ganas de experimentar nuevas cosas en el sexo ,muy morbozo ,me gusta imnobar y no tengo prejuicios alguno .
    me atrae mucho el apetito sexual el trans me calientan ya que tengo fantasias sexuales asia sexo trans ,y me llama mucho la idea de tener sexo o transmitir con dicho liberal abierto a toda tipo de locura sexul
    tengo buen cuerpo peso 1,84 metros 82 kg marcada la zona abdominal,tengo 39 años,con mucho apetito sexual ,tatuajes brazos, espalda, pierna,antebrazo, muñecas y lo mas llamativo tatuado pene .espero notificacio con ansias.

  92. Joshua whitaker says:

    Hey grooby how are you interested in being a male performer. 25 81/2 inches African and West Indian heritage from New York but currently live in Baltimore. Would love to give it a shot at. Ring a male performer , so not camera shy and no what I’m doing with the unique girls give my hit up back . Let’s see what it’s hitting for

  93. Momo says:

    Want to be a superstar male model for shemale industry

  94. Joshua whitaker says:

    Would love to become a male model 25 stud athletic body with time on more hands I’m a top but dova lil extra licking for the ladies just let me know I can be in New York I have family but I’m borderline D.C. & Baltimore

  95. Jin ho park says:

    I want to male talant.. i like tranny. Im 27 years old.. im from south korea .. i suck and domination very well .. please i want to prno star

  96. Jin ho park says:

    My suck is amazing … so many people sad. ” u will be prno star ..also my tall is 6.3 inch.. maybe i will be vest ur performer..

  97. Robert Owen says:

    my name is Rob and I very much would love to be a male performer in shemale porn because I need to be stripped naked in public and let everyone laugh at my tiny little 2 inch dick while they watch girls with huge cocks fuck my ass and mouth and make me eat their cum

  98. Chris says:

    when will you accept app. from Ga.?

  99. JorDon Bell says:

    My name is JorDon Bell, i am going on 26 summer of 2017. I live in oakland, but i aim willing to travel to l.a. when needed. I am a perfect fit for this position, i will be proud to show you rather than tell. I will follow up via email with my footage.

  100. Kimanithee Myles says:

    I read that I have to be in certain locations but I am located in Oklahoma. Am I still excluded?

  101. Hi steven this is ryan gilliard from spokane wa iam very moatavated to be used in a future possible performing top bottom or xdressed or straight biracial tgirl porn debue ive googled nickie dickie to help my desired dream sein so far ive gotten sweet comfortable responces my data got redirected the last few months so ill again update my info im also seeking replys calls or hot text and emails from other wanted seeking som gettaway ideas playmate dressing sexual posible promoted opetions or i would just be happy to be invited into other possible used wanted or xtras needed for something upin cumming i could join in on . im seeking any safe real experience position all is ok . want to hear back from any one whos interests are like wise hope to meet you all soon .email ( or text call (509-558-0344 always welcome.24/7 I am hopeing anyone intrusted in getting together will please text me immediately with offers ideas or possible chat or web ideas pleases freely message my avalabity asap xxo

  102. Joseph DiBlasi says:

    Hello Steven,
    My name is Joey and I love to be considered in upcoming shoots. I have been with woman my whole adult life, but something changed in my mid 20s. I was turned on to T-girls and found myself attracted to them like no other. At first I questioned my sexuality or seen it as a fetish. 10 years later and believe me it’s no fetish. I love transsexual woman. They are so brave and empowering to others who want to live their lives they way they want to. I know I’m not going to be the star of the sho and that I am a moving prop. All I want is the opportunity to be with some of the most beautiful T-girls in the world, your Groovy Girls

  103. Guudcock17 says:

    I wanna try sum new with my wild side sucking an swallowing cum fucking on camera with multiple bottom trannies who love it bareback sexy chubby tgirls only I’m down an ready!!

  104. FuckOff says:

    Haha, these responses kill me. How dumb can you people be? Do you really think leaving a comment here, begging to be hired, will get you a job? How do you expect to be hired and paid to have sex with attractive girls when you can’t even read the instructions on how to apply for the job, or figure out how to do it? You guys should just stick to watching porn, not dreaming about being a porn star, because as shocking as it is, being in porn is a complicated career, far more so than you would imagine. Being a male porn star and actually making a living doing it (working for someone else, not your own studio) is next to impossible. Male porn stars are treated like meat, and that’s it. A “moving prop”, as this asshole puts it. Trust me, I know. You really should attempt to produce your own amateur content for a while and get some connections through putting in the work and time, not begging in a comments section, and try to steer clear of people like this guy (Grooby)… they don’t care one iota for you, will pay you next to nothing and will treat you like shit.

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