T.Porn – Self-Producing Performers Sell Us Your OLD Content.

We want to license your old content for us to to show on a new site, T.Porn

If you are self-producing good content and showing it on places like ManyVids, Clips4sale or other platforms, then you know that your content can sell very well in the first weeks it’s up as your core customers buy it – then the sales start to drop off for that scene.   This is why models and production companies are constantly producing new content.

When you are ready and the content isn’t making as much as it should, we’d like to license it.  What does this mean?

  • We will pay you $100 for use of each of your scenes.
  • You can continue to sell and use your scenes anywhere else.
  • The scenes will always belong to you.
  • We will give links on the site to your personal sites, pay sites or social network account.

This is a win/win situation.  Those of you producing multiple scenes can get $1000’s in cash instantly or be able to make extra revenue, without compromising your core revenue.

Why do we want this content?

We know that there are multiple types of customers who will only buy certain types of products – whether it’s a financial reason, whether it’s a personal preference or that they don’t have the technology or access.  Often people will pay us $100’s more to download individual clips rather than get a site membership, others will buy a site membership although they want to see more girls.  We think we can offer your content to a group of people who won’t or can’t buy clips.

So … how do we do this?

We’ve $25,000 to buy a lot of content fast so we can get the site launched.  We’re looking for;

  • solo or hardcore content
  • filmed in HD or 4k
  • minimum 15 mins scenes
  • well lit, high quality scenes
  • can be self-shot as long as it is good quality

We are paying $100 for solo scenes and $150 for scenes with one or more people.  Contact us at admin@grooby.com and we’ll give you details on where to send your content either via FTP or mail.

You will need to provide;

  1. ID and 2257 release for each model (we can give you a 2257 if you don’t have)
  2. Model Release for each model (we can give you a model release if you don’t have)
  3. Sign a licensing contract.  This will protect both you and us

Payment can be made via check, Paxum, Paypal or checking account and will be made within 48 hrs of receipt of the above.

We’ve $25,000 ready to go to the first bunch of models who get content to us that we can use, so don’t delay.

If you have any questions, please email me admin@grooby.com







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