2017 – Difficulties …

There have been some difficult years, and some interesting years. While we felt we were firmly cemented as the premier producer of trans content (producing at least 150 scenes a month worldwide), we were not without competition. With the presence of trans girls in the media, and models like Aubrey Kate, Chanel, Natalie, etc. starting to get more recognition, I started to see a lot of companies try to get into the trans niche … make a big PR announcement, spend a bunch on a shoot or two, and then never produce another trans scene. It’s not surprising, there is … Read More

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2016 – Three Stand Out Debuts

2016 had a lot of good new girls debuting – but very few stand-out girls. Chanel Santini was the TEA Winner for the Best New Face of that year, and of course was ‘stand-out’ but all her sets were on Tgirls.xxx for us. Three girls who did stand out, were Shiri Allwood (originally known as Shiri Trap), Lianna Lawson and Carrie Emberlyn.

Carrie is one of the most naturally pretty girls I’ve ever seen, and we knew she’d be a star and I was excited to debut her.  I’d love to do more work with her, but she’s quite elusive … Read More

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2015 – Another Vintage Year

2015 seemed another of those years, where amongst the good girls, there were some great debuts. It excites me when we’re the first to debut a model, and we used to be in competition with some of the companies to get a girl first, but to tell the truth, it doesn’t make a big difference to the bottom line with each company having a different type of customer.

We also launched Femout.xxx in 2015, with it’s emphasis on early models which we didn’t feel were quite ready for GroobyGirls yet. It’s been instrumental in helping us test models and if … Read More

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2014 – Kylie Marie and Korra Del Rio

I don’t believe there are many models more naturally beautiful than Kylie Marie and we were excited when Remy debuted her on Grooby Girls. She went on to work with Buddy and Radius Dark for us and of course many other companies. She’s still working, although mostly for her own content. A gorgeous model who features across our sites.

Our other big debut model of 2014 was Korra Del Rio who was first shot by Omar Wax but has appeared in countless scenes to date. Although she’s developed a lot since this first shoot, it remains one of my favourite … Read More

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2013 – Radius Dark

Radius Dark has a talent. He can work with stars, and he can work with first timers – and he always brings out the best in them. I’ve seen him take models other producers didn’t get much from, and put his spin on them, and produce amazing results. I don’t believe he’s the easiest producer to get along with, but I believe he communicates what he wants – and his results speak for themselves, and that’s why so many girls want to work with him. Along with Buddy Wood he’s probably produced more Models of the Month than any other … Read More

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