Reality Check for Trans Adult Performers 2021/22

I hate having to do this post, but I update it every couple of years as it saves me time repeating the same answers, to the same questions and hopefully if current or prospective models read this, it may save them heartache and expenses. There are countless stories of girls who’ve wanted to make a big splash in the industry (and may have done) – moved location, quit jobs, lost friends and damaged their mental health, before realizing that their expectations are often not met.

You can make a living as a trans adult performer – but you have to … Read More

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New USA Producers Wanted!!! RARE OPPORTUNITY

We’re looking for select new producers do join our team working with trans persons across the US.

While we are fully staffed on the West Coast and Las Vegas, we are looking for producers/photographers to work with on a long term basis in other areas. We’re especially interested in finding people who can cover the East Coast but also have opportunities in Middle-America and the North.

We prefer to work with one producer covering a specific region – and any models within that area. The right person must have experience in photography and videography – as well as their own … Read More

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25 Years of Grooby – A Thank You!

Starting what was to become Grooby in 1996, I didn’t consider it a serious business. It was an easy tool to receive free porn and make a little pocket money on the side. If I’d projected that I could be running a company of this stature (with a worldwide presence and which had provided my family and myself with such a wonderful life), I think I would have taken it far more seriously and done things a little differently.

Perhaps it was because we didn’t take ourselves too seriously, that even after we took on employees, experienced growth and good … Read More

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Steven – A Final Word on Grooby Girls

Grooby Girls is my baby. I started it, I helped it grow, I spanked it a few times but mainly nurtured and watered it so it could take on a life of it’s own. I’m extremely proud of it, and very defensive of the site, it’s ethos, the models and everyone involved in it over the 25 years. There have been many producers, we’ve had over 2200 models shoot for the site, we’ve had tears and we’ve had joy. If this look back at the 25 years of GroobyGirls seems a little egotistic, then I hope you’ll forgive me as … Read More

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2021 – … and beyond.

2021 started with the hangover of 2020, and the ongoing Covid crisis which has closed us down in some areas, so we had to continue to mitigate where and who we worked with. A lot of girls have wanted work, and looking back over the first 6 months of this year, there are a lot of scenes I’m unhappy with.

Returning models who turned up, frankly looking like crap – or new models whom we wanted to try, but over-sold themselves. It’s not all been bad, there have been some really awesome returner as well as new girls – Ariel … Read More

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