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Thank You to Bob Maverick for 20 Years of Excellence.

The more astute supporters of tgirls porn may have noticed there have been some changes at Bobs-Tgirls in that the content is coming from different producers, but before we go any further a few words from the man himself;

“This whole thing started on a whim, that turned into a hobby, that turned into a lifestyle and a career. This career saved me from one that had become rather mundane. With Bob’s Tgirls, I’ve had so many fantastic experiences that never would have happened otherwise. I’ve always liked photography and Read More

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Grooby 20/20 – Model Slots/Positions Needed

This is for existing models only. Please read carefully before submitting. This is just for us to get an idea of who is available – and not a guarantee or offer of work.

In 2020 we’re going to be shooting some more themed shoots on a regular basis, across all our websites. Here’s what we’re currently looking for:

Big Boobed Girls : Do you have big boobs? We probably already have you on our list, but remind us anyway and drop us a line. If they’re new – let us know. If you can give us a size also that … Read More

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A Brief Word on the TEA Nominations

It’s one of our most exciting times of the year – but also one of the most exhausting, selecting from the pre-nomination suggestions which performers or titles are eligible in each category. While many will be surprised and elated, many more will be disappointed – and each year I have to address those who feel they were either missed, or fans who are wondering where their favourite models are. Hopefully this will explain the difficult task we have of putting together the nominations, and how they are chosen.

Pre-Nomination Period

All pre-nominations are collated and anything that isn’t eligible removed. … Read More

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Xmas Time – Spreading Love & Happiness (and maybe you can make a wish?).

It’s coming up to the end of the year, when we all try to take some time off, and reflect on the year past.   It’s time to be grateful that we’re still in business, still doing what we love and plan to keep doing this in the coming year.  We appreciate that not everybody is as fortunate as others, and that a lot of our Grooby Girls find the Holiday Seasons particularly challenging, which is why if anyone needs to reach out – then or should be available.

Let’s see if we can make someone’s holiday’s a little … Read More

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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019

We look back at our trans models lost due to violence during the past 12 months or so. There hasn’t been a year in our history, where at least one of our models hasn’t met a violent end and I’m going to list some of them, so their names and their lives haven’t been forgotten – and their deaths can continue to educate and inform. The most recent being Aries, who was murdered last month.

Aries – Murdered in Kansas City – Oct 2019 – Aged 30

Cashmere – Murdered in Texas – June 2019 – Aged 22

Ivy aka … Read More

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