TEA 2020 – The Pre-Nomination Phase

We’ve just opened the TEA’s for the pre-nominations.   So what does this mean?

Your questions answered;

  1. What are the pre-nominations?  This is the selection that we draw from  when compiling the nominations that go to the judges.  We look at all pre-nominations to ensure we’ve the right people, nominated in the right awards.
  2. Who can pre-nominate? Anybody can pre-nominate but we will lend more weight to industry representatives and producers.
  3. Can I pre-nominate myself?  Absolutely.  Go ahead.
  4. I’m a model, can my fans vote for me? This isn’t a voting or a fan choice – so please don’t encourage your
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The 2020 Grooby Girls Calendar

The Grooby 2020 is available for pre-order now at GroobyStore.com

It’s always a huge task to select the 13 models we want for each calendar and a lot of that burden falls on me personally.  It’s extremely difficult to choose who to include (or rather who we can’t fit in) and then find a photo of them that works perfectly.    The only one I knew I really wanted before going through the process was the cover photo of Kendall Penny by Kalin as it’s a photo that resonated with me since it first came across my desk, as the perfectly … Read More

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No More Cumshots in Trans Porn ?


The expectations and the fantasy of porn have often been discussed, but in no other area of porn, is the dichotomy of who trans girls are (and what they can do) and the reality further apart. Many fans of transerotica are seeking the hardest, biggest cocks. They want trans women who are ready to fuck every guy in the ass. They want cum shots that are equaled only by Peter North or fueled by their expectation of hentai characters. They also want the girls to be drop-dead gorgeous, with every aspect of stereotypical femininity apparent.

The reality is for … Read More

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Grooby Members Appreciation Week!

Grooby Members Appreciation Week is now running – you can be part of all the special offers, giveaways, and fun at Transporn.deals, by following us on Twitter Grooby Promos or on the members area of any of our sites.

The truth is, this is just a bit of fun. It’s a way for us to get current members, or those who haven’t seen all our products, the opportunity to get to sample it at a price they may be willing to try it for. We are also able to reward those who buy multiple memberships, or longer terms with … Read More

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FemoutSex.XXX Launches

They said it would never work,  they told me I was crazy, they said people didn’t want to see that – but when I came up with the idea of launching a site for girls early in their transition (or on the cusp) in 2015, I was pretty confident it would turn into a winner.

378 models later – our ‘testing’ site is a success and has featured fabulous models from the US, Canada, Spain, Russia and the UK  – and launched Nyxi Leon, Raven Babe, Jenna Gargles, Patrice Hepburn, Jessy Bells, Addi and many more into the public eye … Read More

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