The G-Files

I receive a lot of email, from people from all walks of life. Those who want to work in the industry either as a model or photographer – or those who are prepared to be the jizz-mop in order to get close to the girls. I get crazy ideas and I get people who’ve just decided that they need to offload their wild and whacky fetishes to someone, and they think I’d be the interested one. I get asked for advice – and given advice (when not asked for). Frankly, when I open my inbox everyday I never know what surprises are going to jump out – it’s like trick or treat every day.

With our growing presence on social media is a common phenomena that people are over-familiar with those that they’ve never met, and that’s opened up a whole new avenue to weirdness.

I’m running a business. I work 50-80 hrs a week. I love it.
I spend a lot of time trying to give advice, directions on modeling and feedback on this industry either on or at our forum I try to answer every email which reaches my desk with feedback and courtesy and I enjoy having the ability to do so, even though it takes up probably too much of my time, I think it’s an important aspect of the business.

However, despite giving instructions exactly on how to apply as a model … or just because someone is in the middle of a marathon jerk-off session and feels the need to enhance their fantasy, I get sent a lot of emails and messages which are sometimes weird and wonderful – some plainly stupid – and many which are abusive or rude. I’ve posted some of these on Facebook and they’ve gotten a great response, usually with a suggestion to write a book of them (it’s coming!) but for now, I’ll show them here.

The point of this, isn’t to humiliate any individual and for that reason, unless you’ve really been abusive, then no names or personal details will be given. This is a place to archive these emails to show the weirdness, to show spectrum of what an owner of a niche adult company deals with, to educate and of course, to entertain.

If your message appears here, then I have no apologies for you but I’d be happy for you to comment or retort. In the rare instances, that you’re named – then you deserve it and posting your name shows as a warning to others not to engage you.

Sincerely, if you’re interested in being a model, then just follow the link at the top of the page. If you follow the simple directions, you’ll always get a courteous reply and I’ll try to be as helpful as possible, even if the answer is no. If you’ve feedback on our products, I’d also love to here from you. If you’ve customer service issues with our company (passwords or billing) then go to our excellent Customer Service anything else, feel free to contact me and if it’s pertinent, I will reply.

… and watch out at a bookstore near you 😉

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