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Accusing of Using a Real Girl!

Posted by Williamz on 07 Mar 2009
“The reason no one has ever seen any pre-op pictures or videos of her, is because she was born a woman. Also, to the idiot that wants to see (more) pre-ops? I think you are at the wrong site. Maybe you should find another site to visit, I hear there are sites with these things called women. UNtil someone proves me wrong, this pre-op is a FAKE. How desparate can BTS be to post fakes.”

This is the sort of rubbish I have to deal with on a regular basis since adding the … Read More

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Transexdomination Review in AVN Online Magazine Sept

Well I already know it’s a great site but it’s always nice to get a good review and after our recent great ratings on Rabbit’s Reviews … here is AVN Online’s take on Transexdomination!

Niche : Tranny Affiliate Program : Payout: Revshare, referrals Price: $34.99 monthly. Quality: 19 Quantity: 19 Deisgn and Usability: 18 Features: 19 Value:19

I gotta wonder if I don’t have some serious issues that require serious therapy. I never would have figured myself as someone interested in transsexuals. But when you combine some great-looking people with some hardcore domination here, it’s worth … Read More

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Can you get hairy, masculine, deep-voiced, black shemales ?

Another awesome email came in today, I barely know how to respond to some of these … but respond I do.

“I am a subscriber to Black T girls. I really love your stuff.
two suggestions:
1) Is it possible to vote for the models ? or evaluate them ?
2) I prefer very masculine ladyboys. If you could try to find more masculine models, I would appreciate and carry on subscription.
What are masculine models ?
Models who have a masculine posture, with body hair, large shoulders, tall, no bosom (all flat), a lot of muscle, strong, masculine voice,
Read More

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Rabbit’s Reviews gives Black-Tgirls a 89/100 rating

Yay! 90/100 is the score for the new redesigned Black-Tgirls. I would have been disappointed with less and I expect the new design for Yum to take the score up higher for that site than the 90 it’s currently at. Frankly, seeing some of the other sites at 89 it’s a bit crappy but will deal with it, as I know what we provide is better than they are. I took a look at the user ratings and it’s so obviously that they’re from people I’ve either pissed off or just other websites as their justifications are so far from … Read More

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