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Trixxy Von Tease – Grooby Alumni #4

Aug 2011


“Well Im Trixxy .
Im 24 of age, Transgender/ Pre-ops (getting those breast) A.S.A.P.
Deathmetal/Hardcore/Goth Music Scene
Yes I have a lots of Tattoos to my pretty little toes. :3
Piercings I have Gauged ears (1inch) and couple on my face.
I have a 6-7 inch cock
Stand 5’7 and skinny not crack-head
weigh: 145. Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Live in Houston, T.X.
want more photos? MESSAGE ME on F.B. (if cant get ahold of me)”

trixievontease4096 trixievontease4018 trixyvontease1001 trixyvontease2024 trixyvontease2034


We did get to shoot Trixxy until 2013 and she’s done two solo sets, a great hardcore and a POV scene for … Read More

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Brianna Lane – Grooby Alumni No.3

Brianna started applying in 2009 but she was too early in her transition for us to work with at that time,  she re-applied a few times and this application in March 2011, was the one that we thought she was ready to do a shoot.

DSCF1883 DSCF1895 DSCF1897 DSCF1904 DSCF1906


briannalane3007 briannalane3031 briannalane3066 briannalane4004 briannalane4043


Brianna done two shoots in 2012/13 for Shemale YumRead More

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Acadia Veneer – Grooby Alumni No.2

Acadia Veneer

Dec 2011

2011-07-15_17-07-52_366 2011-09-29_18-59-31_527 2011-10-08_18-34-28_347 2011-11-04_21-55-07_173 2011-11-04_21-55-56_613 1110011432 1110011442a photo Resampled952011-09-039522-14-4095503 Resampled952011-09-229518-01-3795825

We spoke approximately 8 months ago just before i had my breasts done. I am 26 years old, Stand 5’5″ my measurements are 36DD-29-41 and weigh 155lbs of solid smooth curvy tranny body. I have brown eyes and hair and a very nice ass, but my ass is far from my best asset and no it’s not my big bouncy tit’s either. My best feature is my 7.5 inch perfectly straight, uncut and thicker than average cock with a perfect head to top off that sweet candy stick thats fully funtional. I am comfortable shooting … Read More

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Eva Cassini – Grooby Alumni No.1

Eva Cassini


May 2012.

535481_368541619849657_100000814665549_985600_42803821_n[1] 530265_368541379849681_100000814665549_985598_224075648_n[1] 398016_312871395416680_100000814665549_850341_223951556_n[1] 381776_281224428581377_100000814665549_762583_1283943828_n[1] 0004b921-0411-cef8-b1bb-a9ecb386c256_110[1] 0004b68c-00c9-7682-21b5-53ab6efb80c5_110[1]

“Hi, this is Eva , 23 MTF Tgirl I sent in an email about me from this same address but wasnt able to send pics bcuz I was using my phone, but i am now at a desktop and i have some pics to send you , here you go 🙂 and also to reinterate, I am from Allentown PA, and I am VERY ADAMANT about getting breast implants VERY soon so I can progress better in the industry. Right now i am a 36B cup but i want BIGGER, teehee, among other things! 😉 … Read More

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The Grooby Alumni … From their application emails and photos … to their latest shoots!

I thought this would be a fun project and of interest to those who enjoy seeing how the fabulous girls have progressed.   I get a 10-30 model applications a week and for various reasons only a small handful ever get photographed and appear for us.    Often the difference between application photos and the model that appears on the site can be huge and occasionally not always for the best.  We don’t have the ability to do test shoots – but a photographer will turn away a model from the shoot and cancel, if she looks drastically different (for the worse) … Read More

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