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So You Want to be a Trans Adult Performer – 2019 Edition

Every couple of years I write about the difficulties of being a trans adult performer, the limited opportunities, how to maximise those opportunities and to share the view from a company owners perspective.   I do this, to help explain to the 100’s of models who want to work with us but are unable, and the 100’s more models who do work with us – but want more work,  why this isn’t available.

I also hope to share some insight into the industry – and I’m always open to questions (best asked on Twitter @groobysteven.

Everything here is from my view … Read More

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Grooby Talent Manager – For All Our Models – Mike Grooby

Here at Grooby we’ve been making some changes across our whole company over the last 12 months, updating how our sites work to provide a better consumer experience, forging new relationships with models wanting to do more of their own work and streamlining our staff into positions that they’re the most valuable and which they enjoy the most.

Grooby has many projects running concurrently all which work with transgender models. We have our websites,  we have DVD production, we’ve white labels on cam companies & dating sites, we have content submitted sites like or our tube sites, we’ve … Read More

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False Advertising!

Who can blame someone for applying for a modeling job and wanting to submit their best photos?  Much like dating websites, applicants are trying to ‘hook’ the buyer in thinking once contact has been made, it will be easier to make the deal happen – and often it works.

The issue is where is the line drawn, between submitting your best photos – and submitting photos that are either years out of date, retouched or just false.    We’ve a whole hard drive full of want to be models, who when they arrived at the shoot, differed so wildly from their … Read More

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Rejected as a Model? We run a business. That’s what the decision is based on.

In the past 30 days, I’ve had roughly 75 model applications come to me. Some which were forwarded to photographers for possible shoots, others suggested they read this blog so they could understand the reality of the industry before they jumped in, many which range from the ridiculous (photos without faces) – to the weird (bearded women) and quite a lot which just aren’t what we’re looking for. The one thing they all have in common, is they all get a measured and reasonable response.

Unlike most production companies which simply dump rejections, each email should get a reply from … Read More

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2T4FB – Too ‘T’ For Facebook. Models, Cam Girls, Promoters, what can it do for you?

Facebook already blocks all nudity including nipples.  Twitter seems to allow nudity but then why do girls keep get banned?    Do you want to show nude promotional images for your website or cam?

Why are you posting your nudes and selfies without getting paid?   Do you enjoy showing yourself on social networks?  Then here is a win: win ….

We are accepting a very limited number of models, cam girls, promoters or social media girls to be able to post their content through  Showing the censored image on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit or more, and then when the surfer clicks on the … Read More

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