TEA 2022 – Questions and Answers (especially for first timers).

We’ve more first time attendees that ever before at this years TEAs – and there are a lot of questions. The guide below should be everything you need to know about the TEA weekend, with some advice on expectations, etiquette and a guide to having the safest and best weekend ever!

Attendees this year are 100% guest listed, unlike previous years where we have had ticket sales. There are select fans but they are known to us – but the rest of the attendees are involved in some way in the adult industry or trans related industries. We’re current estimating between 250-300 guests.

The event is 21+ and the venue runs the security who will also be checking your vaccination records. You must wear a mask until after you have passed security checks. In the event you do not have ID or a vaccination pass, our staff are not able to help you at all.

Everyone working the event from the red carpet to the guest list, sound and vision and backstage are Grooby employees and this is not their fulltime job. They are not professional event runners – but put on a show that many professionals would be envious of. Please treat all our staff, and the staff of the Avalon/Bardot with respect and manners.

The Trans Erotica Show is intended to be a celebration weekend of the adult trans industry and friends and allies. Attendees come from all over the world to enjoy each others companies. Please be respectful of personal boundaries – often online personalities differ in real life. Everyone is here to enjoy themselves.

The TEA Party

9pm – 2am Bardot – 1735 Vine St, CA 90028

Dress : To Impress. No sports clothes. Keep it classy.

After you have passed security/vaccination check, Mike and Vito will be checking in at the guest list.

I’m personally buying the first 200 people a drink for my belated 50th which occurred during lockdown and I couldn’t celebrate. Get your call drink ticket when checking in at the guest list.

The main area of the Bardot is technically outside (don’t worry, it’s covered and warm). However, if you are at all worried about Covid or other health issues, then we recommend that you do remain masked through the event.

Last admission to the TEA Party will be 12 midnight – this allows our staff to come up and enjoy the party. There will be no admission or re-entry after that time.

The TEA Show

7pm – close (usually between 1am-2am) – Avalon – 1735 Vine St. CA 90028

Cocktail lobby area which is awesome for mingling preshow is open from 7pm. Red carpet runs from 7pm-9.45pm and expect to wait/queue. Natassia will leave the red carpet at 9.45pm sharp, even if people are waiting. Red carpet is open to performer nominees and select previous winners only. My recommendation is to get there early for the shorter queue, and to guarantee red carpet interview and photo ops.

Frank and Mike will be running the red carpet entrance – I understand it’s frustrating to have to wait, and there are a very few individuals whom we have to rush through to the front, but please be patient and respectful.

Vito and Nicky will be at the door, and check in there for your table/seating assignment if you don’t already have it (we may email or post the list before the show if we know it).

The main sitting area will open about an hour before the show. All seating/tables are assigned this year – and our main table area is for sponsors and guests. Sponsor names will be on each table along with a table number. Please don’t sit at a table without your name on it, regardless if invited. Sponsors – all seats are likely to be assigned so please don’t invite people to seat until you know if there are no-shows. If you are not at table seating, the loge seating is also assigned with numbers. There is also a large balcony seating which in my opinion, is the best seat in the house. If you don’t care for your seating assignment then this area is open – and you are welcome to sit where you like up there.

Please remain quiet during all presentations. Please give love and respect to the winners regardless of whether it was your personal favorite or not. Negativity will be frowned upon. Presenters are often nervous, so please be cool. If you are contacted and asked to present, you will be emailed instructions in the next day or so.

Safety and Health

Covid has rightly been on everyone’s minds for the past few years. Regardless of how you feel about it, others may feel differently. We are encouraging mask use if you feel at all unsure or worried about catching Covid or other airbourne illnesses. Please check with the recipient before giving any form of physical contact (hugs, cheek kisses, handshakes). We don’t aim to police the show – but expect you to take your own personal responsibility and if you are very worried about Covid, it may be best that you attend another year instead of this.

This is a guest list/invite only but we cannot vouch for every individual so please take your normal safety procedures and don’t accept drinks from strangers, watch out for your friends and peers, report anything inappropriate to either a member of Grooby staff (Kristel, Nicky, Mike, Vito, Dev, Frank and myself will be present) or venue security. We have a zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior and you will be asked to leave.

Please be wary when you leave the events and make sure you have a partner or a group to travel home with, especially if you are visiting from out of town. Be mindful of how much you drink, especially if you haven’t been out to party for a while.

At the TEA Show – Nicky will be stationed at the end of the bar – look for a bunch of balloons next to her. She is there to direct presenters backstage but also for your safety. In the event of any issues, approach her and let her know.


It’s been a rough few years and we are all ready to party. We’re all ready to re-acquaint and see old friend and make new. If it’s your first time at the show, we hope you’ll have an amazing time but also appreciate the long journey it’s taken this show to get here – from small bars in North Hollywood, and struggles attracting enough sponsors, to the glittery event it now is. I look forward to seeing you all … and I welcome hugs, and handshakes.


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