2008 – Diversity and Inclusivity

Frank Drachman I’d know for years. In the late 90s he’d had a trans site, and he designed some of the first graphics for the site. He’d been shooting for us in Portland area, and he was delivering models outside of the stereotype of what was expected. “Suicide Girls” was big, tatted models had been coming up, models without boob jobs, with short hair or alternative, skater, emo type looks. These were exciting and different. They didn’t please everyone, but they pleased enough and with our ethos of showing the widest range of models, while other companies focussed elsewhere, we were able to push forward with only ‘Shemale Strokers’ emulating what we were doing. It’s hard to believe this was only 13 years ago, but of course, many of our models now were still children – and probably don’t appreciate how groundbreaking this was. Here are three of Frank Drachman’s models from 2008 – Mandy Mitchell, Morgan and Chloe.

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