Steven – A Final Word on Grooby Girls

Grooby Girls is my baby. I started it, I helped it grow, I spanked it a few times but mainly nurtured and watered it so it could take on a life of it’s own. I’m extremely proud of it, and very defensive of the site, it’s ethos, the models and everyone involved in it over the 25 years. There have been many producers, we’ve had over 2200 models shoot for the site, we’ve had tears and we’ve had joy. If this look back at the 25 years of GroobyGirls seems a little egotistic, then I hope you’ll forgive me as my enthusiasm of what we’ve all done to create this, sometimes gets the better of me. It’s been a wild ride for 25 years, and turning 50 this year, GroobyGirls has been with me for half my life.

The privilege of being able to get up every day and look forward to going into work. Of putting in 70 hour weeks and never getting bored, of engaging with models and producers and of heading this company, had not gotten old. I know how lucky I’ve been, and I hope that luck continues for another 25 years, or until I can pass the reins to someone else.

Thank you for taking the ride with me.

Oh and you thought I’d missed Foxxy?
First appeared with us in 2004 … and still working with us in 2021. Just the sweetest, nicest, sexiest, more honest, authentic girl you will ever meet. 17 years working in trans erotica, and she just keeps getting better. A true Grooby Girl.

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