2T4FB – Too ‘T’ For Facebook. Models, Cam Girls, Promoters, what can it do for you?

Facebook already blocks all nudity including nipples.  Twitter seems to allow nudity but then why do girls keep get banned?    Do you want to show nude promotional images for your website or cam?

Why are you posting your nudes and selfies without getting paid?   Do you enjoy showing yourself on social networks?  Then here is a win: win ….

We are accepting a very limited number of models, cam girls, promoters or social media girls to be able to post their content through 2T4FB.com.  Showing the censored image on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit or more, and then when the surfer clicks on the image, they are brought to a page showing the uncensored image AND you get paid for every click that comes through and every image you post.  No more posting up, getting 1000’s of likes but no revenue in return.

  • Create your profile with up to 5 links back to your personal website, cam site, Twitter, Facebook or other social media of your choice.
  • Upload your nude image.  Then edit it on our website to make it non-nude.
  • Post the image across your social networks and promote it.
  • For every click you make money.  For every photo you upload you get paid.

Win:Win – you get to promote your nude content on Facebook AND you get paid for it.

See 2T4FB.com for more details on how to apply.

Your Facebook followers will see this:


When they click on it – they will get to see this:



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