The InterNET – How We Can All Maximise Our Exposure. Friends Helping Friends.

Models, producers, cam girls, party promoters, photographers and all those who participate in or profit from working in transgender adult entertainment, usually have a good online presence across the social medias,  Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Tumbler to name a few.  If they’re not promoting on there, then they’re missing a huge opportunity to reach a lot of fans that they may otherwise be missing.  Some people have followers/fans in the 100’s and some in the 1000’s but one thing is for sure, it’s unlikely you’re reaching all the potential people that you should be.

We’re used to tweeting, liking and sharing our favorite tweets and posts but if we can start a culture of sharing and forwarding each others promotional posts on a regular basis, then surely we’d all be reaching a larger demo-graph?  This should only be of course, for products that you actually like and agree with, the last thing you want to do is alienate your followers by needless spam

There is a huge opportunity in cross-promoting.  Many casual surfers or fans don’t always know what they want, until they are presented with it.  The spectrum of trans orientated adult entertainment is wide and varied with many girls and guys having great products to offer.  I’m constantly re-tweeting, favoriting and sharing posts and I believe if all of us, started to do it more, then the NET affect would catch more surfers and bring potentially more eyes to our products.  It only works by reciprocating for each other – not every post – and don’t get caught up in counting how many followers somebody has, their repost might reach just the right kind of member you need.

Add me – and if I see your posts – I’ll share.

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