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As an experiment I launched KimberJamesBlog to see how it would do in the search engines and was happy to see it in page 6 of Google for “kimber james” after about a week. 5 weeks later it’s on page one and making me about $150 a day for sales to Grooby sites as well as other websites. At that rate, that’s $4500 a month or $54,000 a year – on one simply blog that takes a handful of hours a week to update.
To be fair, how long the Kimber James phenomena will last is really the big question but for now she’s selling like hotcakes. So what about having 5 tgirl blogs like this, all selling different websites and making money? The potential is there. For us, it’s about making sure we get some clean sales without the affiliates. We need to operate like that as our budgets are so large and the extra sales I can get from sending them to sites like Shemale Club and Private Transsexuals, non-Grooby sites, is quite a good extra income.
So onto the next “shemale superstar” … Kelly Shore. I’ve just started KellyShoreBlog so let’s see how well that one does.

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