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I Want to be a pornstar !

Ok I know I shouldn’t poke too much fun but there is a point … or rather, what is the point?

I get 300+ emails per day including around 10 of potential models, I try to reply to all with either advice or to arrange work with them but why should I invest my limited time in the email below?

” would love to be in your pics”

Transsexual Model wannabe

I am for once, speechless.… Read More

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Japanese Shemale Wrestlers and their ‘Sexy Holds’

It’s not often that we get actual handwritten letters mailed to the office, but when we do, I can almost always guarantee that they’re going to be blog worthy. The other day we received a letter from a guy inquiring about some Japanese shemales and looking for some free content.

“Do you have DVDs for sale of Japanese shemales having different kinds of sex with each other (ie cock sucking, anal sex, jerking each other off, and showing how much cum coming from their cock)…”

That seems reasonable enough, I was about to refer him to Shemale Japan, but … Read More

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Cockroach Crushing Shemales ?

Ok, so I get my fair share of emails.  In fact, the first hour of every morning is filtering them, the next two hours answering them – most are fairly straight forward but some are just bizarre.  My policy, probably against better judgement is to answer them all – and not just placate them with a bullshit, we’ll try to get that (unless I believe we can).

Here’s the Cockroach Crushing Guy ….

[Monday 21st July 13:34, Cockroach Guy]

“I have some great ladyboy stories to tell from personal experience, I hope to compose one and send it soon as … Read More

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