TEA 2020 – The Pre-Nomination Phase

We’ve just opened the TEA’s for the pre-nominations.   So what does this mean?

Your questions answered;

  1. What are the pre-nominations?  This is the selection that we draw from  when compiling the nominations that go to the judges.  We look at all pre-nominations to ensure we’ve the right people, nominated in the right awards.
  2. Who can pre-nominate? Anybody can pre-nominate but we will lend more weight to industry representatives and producers.
  3. Can I pre-nominate myself?  Absolutely.  Go ahead.
  4. I’m a model, can my fans vote for me? This isn’t a voting or a fan choice – so please don’t encourage your fans to submit multiple times (and anyone who does that is in risk of being disqualified).  If they want to pre-nominate you then make sure they only do it once and don’t field for votes.
  5. Can I pre-nominate more than one person for each category?  Yes – as long as relevant.

Please make sure that your pre-nominations are eligible within the time period set, and have actually produced work during that time.  Simply submitting your favorite model for each category will probably get your whole nomination form scrapped.  We’re looking for the best ideas in each category for nominations.

What happens next?

We work very hard to get the nominations correct.  The most difficult part is limiting it to a set amount of nominations per category otherwise it gets out of hand.   Once we have that, we will be announcing our nominations.

What if my pre-nomination isn’t included?

In extraordinary circumstances we’ll take another look – but there are so many people and products vying for a small number of spots, than invariably those that have done the most/widest work or outstanding work, will rise to the top.


You can pre-nominate from :  TEA 2020 – Pre-nominations Form

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1 Response to TEA 2020 – The Pre-Nomination Phase

  1. Is it possible to add best FemDom or kinkster? We need space for the sadistic kink trans women who are doing so much of the work men want. We aren’t all vanillas!

    If so, I’d like to nominate myself for kinkiest FemDom scene called Anal Instinct filmed with TSSEDUCTION/Kink.com.

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