Is OnlyFans Going to Continue in Adult?

I appreciate that a lot of you make a substantial portion of your income via OnlyFans and I don’t want to be an alarmist, but ‘forewarned is forearmed’. If you follow any of the industry news, it’s been talked about for a while, and the general feeling is that OF would love to go mainstream and bring in sports. music and personality stars. With recent issues arising on user uploaded content (see what is happening to Pornhub, Xvideos, etc.) there is also the thought that OnlyFans may be the next one in trouble. Unlike other platforms, OF has only recently started demanding proof of age and paperwork for other people in scenes, and some of you may have already had accounts deleted. They’re tightening their terms and conditions and I know some big models who have either lost their accounts, or been warned about losing them.

Whether OnlyFans does stop adult content, or the ability to show your content effectively (I believe we’ll see big changes in coming months) or not, by having your content in multiple places, you are appealing to a different buyer and in the event one platform goes down, you can easily switch your fans. Grooby websites run on paysite memberships for our main income, but we also sell content on clip sites, license for cable and pay per view, and revenue share options like Xhamster Gold or AdultTime. We know there are different clients for different platforms.

Fun Fact : Did you know OnlyFans is owned by MyFreeCams? The only cam site to not have trans performers on their platform???

We’ve been working with JustFor.Fans. It’s ran by Dominic Ford who has been a gay performer, and running his own production company for years, and is well liked and respected in the industry. All the employees are or have worked in the adult industry, so they know how to market and sell – and they’re doing a fantastic job.

I would really like you to consider getting an account there, if you have not already.
If you can use our code to join, we get a little payment from them on sales – and it will also mean, we can promote your JustFor.Fans account on our social media, and websites. Once you have your JFF up and running, email us so we can add a link to any of your content on our websites, or on our social media.

The other advantage on being on JustFor.Fans is that there are much less trans models there (although growing rapidly) so less competition to you.

Please signup at : JustFor.Fans

Don’t be left behind, get yourself set up ASAP, start making money on all the channels you can.


Some models already on JustFor.Fans

Natalie Mars

Shiri Allwood

Jesse Flores

Wendy Williams

Foxy Anastasia

Jessy Dubai

Janie Blade

Katie Fox

Hyori Queen

Aphrodite Adams


Jamie Forever

Marcie Primrose

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