“I Want To Be A Male Model” Stalker Fail

We’re always looking for male models. Ideally, fairly young, in decent shape, good sized cock and who can perform in either top or bottom roles and are near where we shoot our hardcore content (usually Las Vegas, Los Angeles or NYC for most of the shoots buy occasionally other areas). I get a bag full on emails a week from potential male performers, most of them just being dreamers who never deliver or turn up – but I felt positively stalked this weekend, when a bunch of emails kept arriving from an individual who wanted to be a performer? If he’s left it at one email, I would have been more inclined to ask for more information but this guy, thought it would be cool to continue to tell me what girls he wanted to perform with … and who should be … oiled up?

Sunday 8th March 2008 8.58pm
“Hi Grooby,
For years I have had a fantasy to be with TS?Ladyboys & I have been with several.
I have decided I would like to become and dedicate myself, give my body, to the film idustry with TS/Ladyboys. I ahe attached a few self taken a bit old photos. I am 5’11, male lover of TS/Ladyboys. I weigh 175LBS. Am athletic and geeting i shape for tis.
It is my wish. To me they are woman with a great sensuality & a bit extra. Juts simply beautiful woman to me!!!!
How could I get into the industry? You tell me (or those babes can oder to…????) Whatever it takes!
I have a few favorites… Like Bruna Tavares, Meagen… Ummmmm such a sweeet heart! Mylena Bismark… OOOooooo AAA babe in my wish list KALENA RIOS.
What a great little oil paty with these 4 babies. (see attached)
Your most enthusiastic enthusiast…. ”

Sunday 8th March 2008 9.11pm
“Oh yes. I love bikini clad oiled up models with a bit dom sub activity. Tys are welcome coming and going if you knowwhat I mean. Thai babes I would love to be fucked by/fuck… love to be with are Meagen, Dee Dee, Lemmon, Kwang. Ummm heaven…
Tell me how. Make me an offer. I would be dedicated very willing…”

Sunday 8th March 2008 9.21pm
“And I am not an idiot looking forkicks. I am unmarried… No kids…
I am open sexually, love TS/Ladyboys and thiss is what I want to do. Please them and be pleased by them.
My ultimate dying wish!!!”

Sunday 8th March 2008 11.01pm
“If you want to talk to me vis msn messenger. I am available.
Your most enthusiastic enthusiast…. ”

Sunday 8th March 2008 11.50pm
“Oh GOD yes… Her too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See attached. AllOily and DOMINANT??????????
Oh could cum so many times!”

… bear in mind, it’s Sunday night and I hadn’t sent one reply. The only photos he submitted were the ones below – with no face photo and a flaccid cock. No location details. Maybe he’s be good in Transexdomination – or at least I’d see him getting a flogging.


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