New Blog : Fallen Angels & Lost Devils

The hardest blog I’ve ever had to write! For years I’ve been meaning to put together something like this, to honour and inform about all the transsexual models who have died in our industry. After hearing the sad news about Giselly Lins (read here) earlier this week, I thought it was time to complete the site and to include photographers who also have died “in the service”.

The noticeable thing is how many tgirls die at a young age, many in violent circumstances and the amount that are killed in Brazil is really noticeable. I don’t want this site to gloss over the facts – many girls put themselves in danger either through their own lifestyle or my mingling (and often trying to rip off) dangerous characters. The facts remain though that many tgirls die at the hands of others, at their own hands or from HIV related illnesses.

Please link to this site and pass it onto others:
Fallen Angels and Lost Devils

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  1. chelle says:

    TDoR has come and gone but as a trans-woman this is a very important subject to me. I applaud you sir for your work and hope & pray that more people will be as accepting in the near future.

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