TranzFanz – A Guide for Models

TranzFanz is our new platform and a hybrid of everything we think is right with the current platforms – and by listening to content creators, removing what they don’t like on those platforms. It’s easy to use and you can have your content online and making money within minutes – this guide is intended to show you how the system works and how to maximise it to it’s full potential.

TranzFanz is a community platform and fans pay a $9.99 month ($99 a year) to access the community, for that they get access to the girls non-nude free content and the system. Should they want to buy paid content, then they buy that with tokens. They can also tip the models and we’re working on a paid email system. The 10.1% credit card fees are paid by the company, so your share is more.

We have higher payouts than other clip sites.

Profit Sharing:

  • 65% payments on all paid content.
  • 80% on tips
  • 50% of the platform fee (the $9.99/$99) if you sent the fan.*
  • 5% of other models sales if you sent the fan.*

We believe these different systems should bring you the highest payouts in the industry. You can continue to make passive income even when not updating your own content.*

* Use your link code to bring in fans from your websites, social media etc. and you make those percentages of the sales for life.

What is Free Content?

Free content is the what creates the community. It’s what keeps fans coming back and keeps them engaged – and thus buying. Models are expected to upload 2x free content for every 1x paid content.

Free content should be non-explicit (a little nudity is ok) and can be photosets (10+ photos) or videos (1+ mins).

Think along the lines of photos or videos of you out and about, events, social stuff, playing your favorite video games, teases and talking to the camera, dancing, eating, talking to friends, on set/behind the scenes of a set. The more fun it is – the better. The more a fan can get to know you, the more he will keep coming back.

What is Paid Content?

Paid content can be photo or video sets. Photo sets need to be 10+ photos and should be all part of the same set (not mixed sets). Videos should be at a minimum 3 mins. Is this content something you would be happy buying? Will the fan come back and buy more after buying this? We’re looking for hot, explicit sets of solo content, cum shots, dildos – and hardcore content. Price everything fairly, you’ll make more money by keeping a fan happy and coming back. We suggest photos sets should be only a few dollars, while videos should be priced on length and action. Solo videos a little cheaper than hardcore scenes. Remember we want to keep the fans happy – and coming back for more.

We will be checking the content and advising you if we think you are under/over pricing them.

How Often Should I Update?

Unlike other platforms, we move the people who update frequently to the the top of the lists. You are better updating regularly with a mixture of free and paid content than uploading everything at one time. This is a new platform and it will take a little time to state generating the revenues that platforms that have been around for years do – but we believe with a little work and regular updates, you will make more with our system.

Do I Have to Produce New Content For TranzFanz?

No. You can use content you’ve used on other platforms and sites but we hope that you will see the benefit of putting up regular content on TranzFanz and try to get your newest content here at the same time as other platforms.

How to Make Platform Affiliate Sales?

From your account go to ‘My Link Codes’. The default tour takes your fans to the main page, while the default profile takes your fans to your profile page. Use these links on your social media, websites, profiles – anywhere you have fans make sure they are using your link codes. You will be paid 50% of any sales to the platform and 5% if your fan buys content from any other other model (and continue to make your 65% on your content).

We’re open to any questions at

We will be posting graphics and logos soon.

Feb 12th 2020 – READ THIS – The site is now launched. The faster you get your codes, to as many of your fans as you can, then they become your fans for life. Don’t let other models beat you to your fans – get promoting NOW!

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