“white boy lost in the hood where u make me” – The G-Files

“how are you I dont know what to say i have followed you for years I love you I think sometimes . I know u probably think im crazy but im not but I see u never have a white boy in scenes . I am a hood raised white boy that loves black girl I want to work with in any way u would let me we could do a scene called white boy lost in the hood where u make me suck fuck or get fucked like 10 or ever how many u want black girls then I eat all of there cum think about it would sell ..or whatever u want I would be a warm up guy your personal dick and cum eater .whatever I am down u dont have to pay me nothing or I would line up 10 20 girls and eat there asses one by one till they all cumed I mean on camera I would suck the cum out of your asshole after somebody else cumed in you just whatever u wanted on camera I would this not a joke iam serious please let me in thank u hope u read love”

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2 Responses to “white boy lost in the hood where u make me” – The G-Files

  1. jessica brooks says:

    yes im ready

  2. Katrina The Lamia says:

    … looks like something out of my Facebook inbox… well, more the “other” message box.

    Maybe it is the fact I tend to get puzzling messages that look like such that has me so numb to various attempts to court my fine ass… or more like “oblivious”… o.o’

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