Kelly Klaymour – “Keeping It Real”.

Those of you who have read a few of my previous posts, on some of the ridiculous assertions by a few people in the fringes of the industry, might be interested in this exchange between Kelly Klaymour and Chelsea which I was directed to this morning. I believe this started with Kelly’s interview at Trans Ethics which is an excellent website I recommend for interviews with many industry girls. Kelly has had a few exchanges with Chelsea and her “gang” and the main gist, is that many of the statements made have no basis or foundation in facts.

I’m not for people fighting, I think there are a lot of bigger issues that trans people and their allies should get involved in together, but when one person claims to be talking for a whole group of people … well there clearly is something wrong there also. The saddest thing for me about this whole interchange is that whomever is running the Trans Lifeline twitter feed, is clearly out of their depth on SEO knowledge and having to resort to patronizing and then telling Kelly to “Fuck Off” just frankly, stinks.

PS – I worked in McDonald’s for two years.  Was it my first choice? No.  Did it pay the bills? Yes.

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