Transsexual Model Interviews Starting.

I’ve had this idea for a while.  I’m in a great position where I know (or at least have contact with) probably more transsexuals in the adult industry than any other person and they know that I’m going to present them fairly.

I want to start a series of interviews with the more prominent models, asking them about their thoughts in the industry, about their lives and about being transgendered.   Although most will probably be done via email I’ll try and get a few girls in person also.

As well as being promotional for their own websites or themselves, the idea would be to keep a record of a section of society that gets little exposure.

For the first interview I chose Kelly Shore … partly because she is a self-confessed, publicity whore, partly because she is flavour of the moment and partly because I think she sells herself as a bit of a bimbo … but the way she’s launched herself into the industry without any help, would show that there is a lot more to her than expected.

To see the whole Kelly Shore Interview … head on over to The Grooby Blog

Kelly Shore on Shemale Yum

Kelly Shore on Shemale Yum

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