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The Sorry State of Opportunities for Trans Girls Adult Models 2015.

  • You’ve been introduced to adult modeling and you enjoyed it.
  • You know that you can’t make a living out of it, but you want to do more.
  • You don’t want to do your own website but you want your followers (fans) to see more of you.
  • You just want a pick up a pay check for an afternoon’s adult performing or modeling.

I get it, and I empathize.   Interest in transsexuals is at it’s highest, trans porn still sells well but the opportunities for modeling have never looked so dim.   The aim of this blog is to show what the … Read More

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Early in Transition Tgirl Models Wanted for Femout.XXX

Late last year we launched with the intention of being both a social network style site and also a place to present content of tgirls who were early in or working on transition but had an interest in appearing in erotica, either as a one off or with the intent of becoming more involved in it. It soon became clear, that although the social network aspect of the site was good – the content delivery, on the database we were using, was awful, so we’ve been holding off further developing the site until we can get the fix.

The … Read More

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