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TGTweet.com – What Is It? Why Is It?

Add yourself at http://tgtweet.com

When Twitter implemented their ‘shadowban’ without explicitly explaining how it worked, or who was caught up in it, it made finding our favorite porn stars somewhat difficult. Even models I follow and whom I wanted to tag in promotional photos was becoming tiresome, as it became more difficult to simply type in a models name and their twitter would appear.

TGTweet was born out of a need for our company to have a database of industry twitters so we could easily find it – and frustrations we have with Twitter not reacting fast enough (or at … Read More

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Grooby Comics #24 – Unexpected Results

Grooby Comics Read More

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Grooby Comics #19 – When Technology Works Against Us

Grooby Comics #19Read More

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Cool feature in AVN Magazine … Branding. Hustler and Grooby?


This article appeared in the August edition of AVN Online magazine … yes I just love the publicity! It’s nice to be in the same thread as Hustler 🙂

Leveraging Your Brand Name
Successful branding takes more than name dropping.

By: Michael Pearson

Posted: 08/25/2008
Every prominently successful business reaches a point where its name becomes a brand in itself. Just think of Calvin Klein, Harley-Davidson or Budweiser. Those names are so potent that they can boost the sales of any products branded with them.

In the adult industry, there are similar powerhouse brands and those on their way … Read More

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My opening post ….

Finally, I’ve found some time to get this blog up.   I’ve so many interested and fun experiences working in this industry and as anyone who knows me, I’m fairly outspoken also either on the transgender erotica industry or the adult industry in general, that I’ll at last have a place to ramble on.

Is anyone interested at all?

Does anyone care?

Maybe, maybe not but at least I’ll have a record of it, as my rapidly deteriorating memory isn’t helping with the memoirs too much and frankly, my head is overloaded.

This blog will be seperated into news about Grooby … Read More

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